Justice League Unlimited #41 – March 2008

2188840-41Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Quick question! What is a comic from March 2008, with a very low print run, has Joker and Harley on it, and you can never find in the wild?!?!?! I give you Justice League Unlimited #41! This is one of those Harley covers that not many people know about. It was a kids comic, so you know not many great condition ones are out there. Would you like to know the funny part about this comic? Ok, here goes. The basis is the Joker is mad at Batman, because Batman forgot their anniversary (the anny of Batman and Joker being enemies). As a payback, he gets Harley and they attack the Justice League. Yep, true story! Good cover by Zach Howard.

The comic has a very miniscule print run of approximately 8,000! Yes, I just said that. Right now, the bay and the zon have these ranging from $20 to $100! So, I am not exactly sure you are going to be able to find these cheap. But did you expect to find a low print run Harley comic, with the Joker wearing Batman’s cowl on the cover for cheap?!?! I didn’t think so!

Happy Hunting fellas!


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