For the last year over at my blog I have been counting down the 50 best Deadpool appearances you actually have a shot finding. Whether it’s by sifting through the long boxes of your LCS, flea markets, yard sales and those smelly comic shows at your local Knights of Columbus or by getting the jump on your favorite online retailer, these are the ones that might help you break through the fourth wall!

Prior to the famed Joe Kelly/Ed McGuinness series, Deadpool did not enjoy the popularity he holds today. In fact he was hardly used by Marvel, making limited and small appearances in titles such as Silver Sable, Secret Defenders and Nomad. Because he was just another guy in a suite with a lot of pockets and didn’t have the sense of humor fans have come to love, many of these appearances were forgotten. Enjoy the hunting…

50. Over Power Card Game Deadly Foes

199500 4719371_1A terrible game and a terrible comic about the art in a terrible game means that dollar-bins are probably stuffed with these.

49. The New Warriors 53

NewWar-53-00 NewWar-53-21b

The New Warriors suffered from the same fate as many Marvel titles during this time period. Poor sales lead to low print runs. Deadpool appearing making it one of the only New Warriors comics worth owning.

48. The Marvel X-Men Collection: Jim Lee #2

marvel_x-men_collection_02_00a marvel_x-men_collection_02_21

A pin-up book by Jim is as good a reason to buy a comic as any. Throw in Jim drawing the merc with a mouth and you’ve got collector’s gold.

47. Spider-Man Webspinners 7

Webspinners - Tales of Spider-Man 07 - 00 - FC
Webspinners - Tales of Spider-Man 07 - 11b

This is one of the more obscure Deadpool appearances. Anyone subscribe to Merc Monthly?

46-42. Identity Disc 1-5

Identity Disc #1-5This mini bombed when it came out but it’s got a pretty cool concept despite being blatantly ripped from the plot of The Usual Suspects! One book also holds the only appearance to date of Deadpool’s wife Gretchen Wilson.

41. Nomad 15

nomad_v2_015_pg_00_(lochryan)God this series was awful and so is this cover. Deadpool appears earlier in this series but this one is hard for even die-hard fans to recollect.

40. White Tiger 5

White Tiger 05 pg 01Ummm…White Tiger is hot. Marvel should use her more.

39-37. Wizard 87

wizard87Wizard Magazine loved tossing inserts and promos into their magazine to convince collectors to buy. In this case fans were treated to three bagged covers each will a Deadpool 0 comic inside! My favorite was this Spawn/Batman cover. There is also an awful Punisher cover and one that features Kiss!

36. What The?! 25

WhatThe25p0 WhatThe25p56

Deadpool is in this one? What the &$*%#?

35-33 Secret Defenders 15,16,17

Secret Defenders #15, 16 & 17Deadpool had some cover appearances during this time and they aren’t pretty.

32. X-Men Ultra Collection 5

000664 000665a

Here we have another Deadpool pin-up in a dollar-bin gem.

31. Heroes Reborn Remnants

Heroes_Reborn_Remnants_Vol_1_1I see this one in the drek all the time. You can find it for less than a buck a promise.

30-28. Wolverine Volume 2. issue 73, 70th Anniversary Variant & 2nd print

Wolverine #73Deadpool has a long history of appearing in Wolverine comics, most are now well known and sell for good money. This one is still out there and cheap.

27. Marvel Holiday Magazine

Marvel Holiday MagazineI can’t think of anyone who actually collects holiday specials ( unless you count that one where Gamora spends time with Thanos during Christmas! ), this one is the exception to the rule thanks to a Deadpool appearance.

26. X-Force Megazine

X-Force megazineAs far as reprints go this one has slowly become important to Deadpool collectors. It flew under the radar for some time but when fans found out that it reprinted NM 98 they started to get scooped everywhere. A healthy enough print run means they are still out there.

25-15 Exiles 5,6,11,12,13,45,59,66,67,68,86

dp-exilesHere’s a Deadpool group you may have never seen and they are in one of the better series Marvel produced at that time.

14. What if… 79

What_If_Vol_2_79Yup Deadpool is in this one too.

15. Black Panther Volume 3, issue 22

Black_Panther_Vol_3_22Issues from the Cat Trap crossover between Deadpool and this volume of the Black Panther usually sell at a premium. But Deadpool appeared one issue earlier. He’s not on the cover so fans simply forgot.

14. Silver Sable 30

SilverSable30-01 dp-silver

One of Deadpool’s earliest appearances was on the cover of issue 23 of this poor series. In this issue he appears in one panel.

13. Deadpool -1

Deadpool_Vol_1_-1A classic cover and clues into Wade Wilson past make this one key. Fans forget about it all the time thanks to Marvel’s highly unsuccessful -1 comics.

12. X-Force Annual 1

X-Force annual 1-00fc
X-Force annual 1-59b

There are a ton of these out there.

11. The Avengers 366

Avengers #366Try and find this book without a spinal crease. It’s not easy. I suggest buying a certified signed edition.

10. Cerebro’s Guide to the X-MEN

X-Men - Cerebro's Guide - Pg 00 Cover X-Men - Cerebro's Guide - Pg 05b

Another Wizard supplement that once was a throw away should be more highly sought after thanks to Deadpool.

9. Marvel Year in Review 1993

Marvel Year-in-review '93What a cover! Sam Kieth does Deadpool, Sabretooth and Venom. I’m buyin’!

8. J2 11

J2_Vol_1_11I don’t think i have ever recommended a book from this universe and I doubt I ever will again.

7. Gambit 17,18

51063-9111-66905-1-gambit Gambit_Vol_3_18

I’m sorry but Gambit sucks. Fortunately for collectors Channing Tatum is going to make the mutant quite popular again which should increase the value of key Gambit comics including these two.

6. X-Force 71

X-Force_Vol_1_71_Wraparound_CoverLater issues of X-Force are still out there. Unlike many of the early X-Force Deadpool appearances which feature him on the cover this issue and some others do not.

5. Superman Batman Annual 1

Superman_Batman_Annual_Vol_1_1Not technically a Deadpool appearance this one was done by the series 1 Deadpool team of Kelly and McGuinness and pays homage to the merc they helped make famous.

4. X-Men Millennial Visions 2002

__hr_cover __hr_Untitled-37

This one is here mostly due to its rarity in the wild. A lot of these types of books just don’t survive because they are not coveted by collectors.

3. The Official Handbook to Marvel Universe Master Edition 25

ohotmu_master_edition_#25_p00fcThis one is incredibly hard to find and makes this list thanks to a Deadpool cover appearance.

2. Titans 155

Titans #155 (Semic)Ok so this one is a lot harder to come by than all the others on this list as it reprints NM 98. This is the only Foreign Deadpool appearance on my list because it’s probably easy to find if you live in France. It is an undervalued Deadpool collectible even at the current Ebay prices and Ultron is on the cover which doesn’t hurt the potential for value.

1. New Mutants 98

New_Mutants_Vol_1_98_001 (1)It should come to no one’s surprise that this comic is number one. It’s not that I don’t realize raw sales have hit for hundreds but the fact is this one can be found in any bin at any time thanks to a massive print run. It has become the Hulk 181 of the modern era and cemented Deadpool as one of the most popular characters in Marvel history.


When I find new ones I will add them here:


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