Outcast #1 Italian Variant

Outcast #1 Variant

Artist :Paul Azaceta

Released in 2015 by Saldapress in Italy

Print Run : Limited to 3000

Lucky Italy,they’ve got this cool variant for Outcast #1 while we just got the same issue #1 for five printings (and the very nice SDCC variant).

Having a foreign variant drawn by the same artist than the original release is really rare, first time it happens in this weekly article. Paul Azaceta did a really good job with this cover,I like his style as well as the job he is currently doing on the Outcast series.

Maybe a nice speculation pick too, we will see what happens when the tv series come out … If it’s hot, maybe some fanbase will absolutely need this foreign comic and the print being limited to 3000 is not a bad thing either.

Again, we’re looking at a 20€ price point for this one: not hard to find, a lot of copies available for a limited print.

A la semaine prochaine!!!


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