Night Nurse, GWAR, The Killing Joke and Shadowspire!

Deathstroke 53

Deathstroke #53

I don’t know much about the organization Shadowspire but they are coming to Arrow and this is their first appearance. Once the web dries up this one could be a tricky find thanks to low printings for later issues. This series finished with number 60 ( a hard to series finale with a white cover making it rare in high grade )

Daredevil Vol. 2 58

Daredevil Vol. 2 58

Night Nurse reminds me a lot of Rocket Raccoon, Groot and even Squirrel Girl. They are old characters who have become quite popular despite few appearances prior to the modern age.

If Night Nurse 1 is too expensive try the first modern appearance of the character in this issue of Daredevil. No one is sure who Rachel McAdam will be playing in the Doctor Strange film but if it's Night Nurse then I suspect early appearances will suffer at the hands of the savvy speculators. Buy early to avoid tears.

Comics Interview 1

image01Fans of the Omega Men ( but mostly fans of Lobo! ) might want to check the drek for this fossil.
This one just so happens to publish Giffen’s earliest cover art for issue 3 of Omega Men, the first appearance of Lobo, ( or maybe the second depending how one feels about that image at the end of issue 2 )

Batman 511


With the news that Mark Hamill will be voicing the Joker for the Killing Joke animated film, sales of the original book, Suicide Squad 49, 23 and others have been crazy. If you are looking for everything Killing Joke do not forget about this one. I suggest searching for a newsstand edition or if you really like the hunt take a look at that DC Universe logo in the upper right corner below. Now try and find a copy with that same logo in the UPC box. Good luck!

Lacunae 3


This short lived series featured articles for the so called intelligent comic enthusiast. At one point there were so many Wizard wannabes that it became hard to keep track and most flamed out fast. Fans of the band GWAR will want this one though. Slave Pit Funnies are now an expensive item solely for the GWAR comics within. They can be really tough to find in any condition. This issue of Lacunae features an article on the GWAR comics and a strip long before Slave Pit Funnies came out. That makes Lacunae 3 one of the earliest appearances of GWAR! The first being Deadline U.S.A. 1.


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