Sketchy Sex Criminals in the UK (& I don’t mean Rolf Harris or Gary Glitter and Jim won’t fix it for you :)


Only 1 book worth writing about last week!!!! Did you open your copies?

1. Sex Criminals #11 standard, XXX Variant

So 2 covers of this were released last week, both polybagged.

Firstly was the standard cover, which gave you a chance of winning a sketch cover (some examples below) and secondly a XXX cover by Scott Pilgrim‘s Bryan Lee O'Malley (also below, BUT BE AWARE IT'S RUDE!!!!!).

Now the sketch covers were done by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky, but they were done twice. Originally all the covers were sketched only for Image to reject them (I read somewhere in an interview with Chip that he was told he couldn't have a cover on an Image comic with Detective Gordon shitting on Batman!!), so they were redone without treading on any copyrighted characters.

I honestly feel this was a sad thing as the sketch covers I have seen so far aren't all that and they seem like their heart wasn't in it (probably due to being burnt out having to do them a second time).

Even though there are no recorded sales in UK, there are a few listed as auctions and BINs that are either going up in bids or have a high buy it now price.

Personally I think you are better off selling them sealed. They are going for £10 to £15 ($15 to $22.50) and if you are getting say 1 in 10 sketch covers at best (I hear it is more like 1:30) it makes more sense to flip unopened.

Now on to the O'Malley cover … WOOOOOW, what an awesome cover, it was so much better than I expected and absolutely hilarious. Done in a retro NES game format with a massive Gomba shaped penis, O'Malley definitely came up with a classic cover here. These are going for about £8 to £10 ($12 to $15) opened and unopened.

On a side note I decided this week it was finally time I read Sex Criminals. I already read the first issue when it came out but never kept up with it. I have to say I quickly read all 11 issues and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. FANTASTIC READ. I can highly recommend reading this series to anyone (except maybe Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter 🙂 )

sc11a sc11b

Examples of Sketches & That XXX Cover

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