Spider-Man 507 Edizione Variant by Gabriele Dell’Otto

Spider-Man 507 VariantReprints : Amazing Spider-Man 568, King Size Spider-Man Summer Special 1 & Thunderbolts 122

Print Run : Limited (but couldn’t find the total print run)

Cover Artist : Gabriele Dell'Otto

Available at the Torino Comics festival in 2009 in Italy, this art was originally a lithography by Gabriele Dell Otto for the 2009 Angouleme festival in France (the lithography has print run of 500 as far as I know).

Great thing that Panini Italy decided to make a cover out of this lithography. This cover is outstanding and talk about a great back cover too. Wish I had found the print run but anyways, even if it had been a regular printed issue, this would have endep up in my collection for sure.

Regarding the price, less than $20 shipping included would be a good target price. There are a couple of copies available on ebay Italy, but you may have to ask the sellers if they can ship to your country and be careful with the condition, Google Translate is your best friend when shopping abroad.

And one last thing, a little tip from what I learn from buying some comics from foreign countries … Always ask the seller to well protect the comic because you may end up with bad surprises,many think that these comics are for reading 😉

See you next week for another exclusive cover!


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