HOT 5 8/3/2015

hot5newSorry in advance for the 1st and 2nd place on this list, but there is no denying it at this point…



Amazing Fantasy #15

1st Appearance Spider-Man

Yup, back again.  I almost feel bad putting this book at the top again, but it is what it is.  A 2.5 (Good plus) copy just ended in auction late last week for over 8500.00…  In the meanwhile other low grade examples are poised to set and shatter previous records.  Supply is clearly being outstripped by demand and this is a seller's market.


Incredible Hulk #1


1st Appearance Bruce Banner / Hulk ++

Again, I want to feel bad but I do not.  This book has always been regarded by collectors and dealers as one of the toughest Silver Age books to lock down.  Recent sales have been impressive to say the least with a 1.5 slab ending in the same auction as the AF 15 for over 4400.00.  There really may not be a ceiling on this book.  The savvy investor has already tucked a copy of this book away, any grade above a 4 is out of most Silver Collector's range and it is driving the price of very low grade examples extremely close to those of Amazing Fantasy #15…




1st Appearance Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Rumor is suggesting that Jena Malone has been cast as Barbara Gordon in the Superman V Batman movie.  While this has not caused prices to spike, it has put a lot more attention on this already steady moving key.




1st Appearance MOON KNIGHT

Yet another comic from what seems to be an ever growing list of Bronze Age 1st appearances commanding outrageous money.  This has long been a cult hit sort of book but with investors, speculators and collectors clamoring to get their hands on almost every and any first appearance, WWBN 32 is close to the top of most Bronze Age want lists.




1st Appearance Gambit

Channing Tatum supposedly left the project and then before prices could dump a little, he is back and signed a deal.  Not sure why this was enough to get this book on the upswing again, but this comic is heating up yet again.

My Greatest Adventures #80

My Greatest Adventures #80

1st Appearance Doom Patrol

The perfect example of a book that is experiencing a little heat but has a LOT of potential.  Raw copies can be found, though compared to any Marvel Key from this time period it is almost non existent.  I am by no means telling people to run out and buy a copy of this book, but if you find a copy in low to mid grade at OSPG pricing, it might be a good investment.

Amazing Spider-Man #129


1st Appearance The Punisher

High grade copies have already exploded with the news and casting announcement for the second season of Daredevil on Netflix.  Now it looks like low grade copies are following suit.  If that was not enough, this is one of Trey Kenyon's favorite characters, right behind Adam Warlock.  That's reason enough to make it to this list.

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    With the Netflix announcement last week, what are your thoughts on back issues of Defender’s (Marvel Feature), Hero for Hire, Iron Fist, etc heating up? They seem to have done well in the past year, am wondering if the momentum has subsided.

    • Ben C

      Seems that MP 15 and Hero for Hire 1 (as well as others in the run) had pretty much taken off when Netflix originally announced the series.

      I am a big fan of MF 1-3 and hope to see a gain in price on those as well as Defenders #1 in the near future.

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    Crazy to see how much WBN #32 has climbed. I remember buying my cgc copies a few years back and worrying I had overpaid. Seeing what they’re fetching now, I’m glad I got them back then. Wow.

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