Classic Cover of the Week 8/3/2015


New Week, New Covers!!  And back to the original format with info.

 Strange Mysteries #12

Strange Mysteries #12

(Superior Comics)

No idea who the artist on the cover is but it is quite amazing.  The content of all 4 stories in this book are intense to say the least.  Hanging, Torture, Stoning, Burning at the stake, disfigurement due to a car accident…  Everything one wants from a Pre Code Horror comic.  Couple WRECKED copies online.

3 copies on the CGC Census, all are Universal.  An 8.0 a 7.0 and a 1.8…  This does not speak too much to the rarity of this book as I think a lot of random PCH book like this go unslabbed.

SHELF DATE of July 1953




 Marvel Mystery Comics #22

Marvel Mystery Comics #22


Classic Schomburg WWII cover.  One of the better in the run if you ask me.  Timely books always move lightning fast and most are considered classics, especially with AS on cover duty.  I actually passed on a heavily restored copy of this book over the weekend.  Somewhat regretting that choice now…
26 Universal copies on the Census with an average grade of 6.05.  1 9.4 at the top (Church copy?) with 3 9.0s next in line.  The bottom of the chart is rounded out by a single 1.0 and 2 2.5 examples.

SHELF DATE of August 1941

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