Thunderbolts Prelude #1 – May 1997

Thunderbolts PreludeWelcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Happy Friday fellas and ladies! Well with the little bit of news this week, that the Thunderbolts may receive their own show on Netflix, suddenly the Incredible Hulk #449 is a $50 book. What many people do not know, is that the book had a variant / reprint. It was produced by American Entertainment (yeah, remember them?). It was called Thunderbolts Prelude #1. Semi-good cover by Mark Bagley. This was released in May 1997, while the original was released January 1997, so I would consider this a reprint.

The Incredible Hulk 449 had a print run of approximately 85,000. I cannot find complete confirmation, but I do know a lot of AE books had a print of 5,000. So, I cannot say for sure that is the print run, but if so, this would be something like a 17:1 variant. Right now, they are somewhat hard to find, especially in the wild. The bay has some sold, and for sale around $10-$25. With a Bagley cover, and the resurgence of the Thunderbolts, this may be one to get a hold of now, and hold onto, especially if a show is in sight.

Happy Hunting fellas!


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