Arthur Adams’ Cover Recreations

I have been trying to stay away from sketchbooks lately … They are not cheap and they don't have a story, but I find them fascinating: process, commissions, black and white covers, … They are addictive!

In any case, I tried to avoid getting any from the new ones when I went to the shop this week, but I made a mistake, flipping through the pages of a couple of them!!! Long story short, after some dramatic internal monologue and a bit of self-control I ended up getting Arthur Adams' Sketchbook XIII (and last year's XII that I had managed to avoid, but if I were going to get XIII how could I not get XII, I started buying these with number IV).

So what made me get this? Of all things, a cover recreation … The recreated cover was Captain America Annual #8, which I am sure holds a special place in your collection if you grew up in the 80s, much like Arthur Adams himself:

Captain America Annual #8

Captain America Annual #8 Recreation by Arthur Adams

A great original cover, remade perfectly! Just look at the details … And, as these seem to be original art commissions, EVERYTHING's done by hand, which is the cherry on top.

So when I got home I started going through the other sketchbooks and tried to compile other cover recreations, because Arthur Adams is an amazing artist who doesn't seem to be getting many props lately (most likely because of his reduced output, mostly covers).

All of the following have been printed in one of the sketchbooks, which are absolutely recommended if you like Arthur Adams … Each one of them is an encyclopaedia of unbelievable art from the artist without whom we wouldn't have J. Scott Campbell, Nick Bradshaw and countless others.


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    I was never that big on Adams,
    But those are some amazing renditions! Thanks for sharing

  • Yroc

    Great article Inigo! I am with you in that I loved AA growing up. Longshot, X Babies, etc. How about an AA cover checklist (pretty sure you’re crazy busy though)?

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    Several years back I wrote a post on Arthur Adams, of how he seems to have gotten sharper with his skills over the years and his first ever work on Longshot #1 was a prelude to his greatness. One of my favorite artists of the last 25 years hands down. His attention to detail and the energy of his art is unmatched.

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