Wolves catching Bob Fett at 5am in the UK


It was all about getting up in the early hours on Friday last week!!!

1. Star Wars #7 Boba Fett Action Figure variant

With this being limited to 3000 copies and the fact that John Tyler Christopher made this sale public before it went up it was always going to sell out quicky.Initially it was 25 per customer but when it changed to 10 per order and as many orders as you like, I knew then that I would have to go through the ardous task of setting my alarm clock at 4.55am GMT to make sure I was sitting ready in front of my Mac in time for the sale to start at 12am PST to make sure I had a chance of getting any.

Would love to hear from any others in UK that where up like me

Now these disappeared quicker than cakes at a weight watchers party and I think the total time it took for the public sale to sell out was about 6 minutes.

Then in even less time than that these were up on ebay for 3 to 4x cover at least.

They were £14 ($20) to buy on the website and quickly selling for £45 to £60 ($70 to $90), the average price has currently settled at £45, but I am pretty sure we will see a rise as a lot of people were hoping some of the big ebay retail shops would have some to list today, but they were wrong as unless said retailer was up like me at 5am Friday morning they weren't getting any as John Tyler Christopher made it quite clear in his pre-sale emails that he wasn't selling to any retailers.

If you put the effort in and got up at 5am Friday and managed to get some of these you have made a pretty solid investment as I think these are going to be pretty rare in the UK




2. Wolf #1

Just finished reading this this morning and surprisingly found it a very enjoyable read as I am not normally a huge fan of Ales Kot.Started reading it last week but was quite tired at the time and couldn't really get into it and wasn't really feeling it, but upon re-reading I thoroughly enjoyed this and will definitely be picking up further issues.

Now onto spec, most recent sales are at 2x cover but only copies left on ebay are at £12 ($18) and if this series continues to be a good read and gains more popularity, I can see it going up in price to possibly a £20 book.

wolf 1


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