Update: Batman #18 Panini France & Spider-Man #582 Panini Italia Dell’Otto Extravaganza

Batman #18 Panini France

Batman #18 Panini France

ReprintsDetective Comics 808, Batman : Jekyll and Hyde 6, Batman : Gotham Knights 63, Batman 642, Batman Allies secret files 2005 Taking Sides

Artist: Gabriele Dell'Otto

Print Run: Unknown

Release: 2006 Panini France

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about the German edition of Batman 16 with the same cover. Last week I found its little brother published in France.

Great companion for the German one and I actually prefer the French version because of the Batman logo.

You can expect to pay around 20 Euro including shipping, that’s half the price of its German counterpart, but you might have to dig into other site than ebay.fr to find it … Worth your time if this is your kind of thing.


Amazing Spider-Man #667 Variant

Amazing Spider-Man #667 Variant

Spider-Man #582

Spider-Man #582

There are only around 200 to 500 copies of that Amazing Spider-Man 667 Variant by Dell'Otto. Panini Italy used the same cover for their Spider-man 582 (Uomo Ragno 582). For less than 20 Euro, you can have a reprint of that outstanding cover. I know it is a reprint and not an exclusive cover like I usually present you guys, but if like me you wanted that cover so bad and you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on it, go ahead and itch that scratch.

A la semaine prochaine pour un autre Foreign Delicacies!!!


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