HOT 5 7/27/2015





1st Appearance Harley Quinn

This book can NOT be stopped right now.  Not sure what is left to say about HQs first appearance.  I recently watched a BEAT BEAT BEAT copy of this book end for close to 200.00 while mid grade copies are ending in the mid 300 range.  INSANITY.




1st Appearance Supergirl

Up and down for a while, this book seems to finally have found its groove.  Consistently selling online for over a grand in Good condition, it appears as Supergirl is finally getting the recognition deserved.  I feel comfortable saying prices will be staying here, if not going up as more and more folks scramble to grab this on the rise key.



Aquaman #1

1st issue of series.

Another DC Silver Age issue that is starting to command proper respect.  Sales are up and continue to rise.  As with most Silver DC, this is just not a common book.  I expect more from this book as we get more info on Aquaman and his role in the upcoming DC movies.




1st Batman Superman Fight.

Still white hot, this classic Frank Miller tale is one of the top spec books to come out of the Batman Superman trailer.


Tales to Astonish #27


1st Appearance Ant man

Falling a bit on the top 5 from last week, but still commanding respectable prices.  With Ant Man sure to be featured in upcoming Marvel Studios films, I do not expect this book to drop in price anytime soon.



1st Appearance Boba Fett in Comics

Still a lot of heat on this book.  While folks might argue that this is not the actual 1st appearance, the market does not seem to care.  Prices still on the rise, and could be getting more attention from the release of the B/W Action Figure Variant.


Amazing Fantasy #15

1st Appearance Spider-Man

Ok, this has been the top Silver Age book for the last few years, dethroning the once long time champion that is Showcase 4.  We all know this.  But what is shocking is that the prices realized KEEP GOING UP.  Last summer this book was at around a 1500.00 per grade point scale.  Now, I am watching slabbed 2.0s end for over 6K…  I know I have said it before, and I will say it again.  Every time I think I have this book figured out, the market reminds me that I know NOTHING.

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  • Santos

    Great list, if i had the money i would invest in AF15, now way that book ever drops down in price.

  • Yroc

    Great list again Ben C, or should I say Jon Snow. Any spoilers for next season?

  • Avatar

    I think AF15 confirms that this is a buyers market and it is possible that some of the modern books may be over inflated circa 1987. Luckily I think with movies scheuled for the next two to three years the trend will continue. I wonder there will be a small correction when Star Wars comes out and collectors turn their expendable cash in that direction.

    • Ben C

      I think the opposite. In my opinion it is 110% a seller’s market. Prices being asked and paid on almost every single key book from 1956 to now are way above guide prices and the market is showing very little resistance to these seemingly outrageous asking prices. I completely agree that prices on post Bronze Age books seem grossly over inflated with speculators buying and buying, driving the prices higher. The real question, is once the dust settles, how many folks walk away from this hobby when they are left sitting with piles of minor keys that they helped drive up in price and watched crash?

  • Avatar

    I don’t think were in for another late 90s implosion. I haven’t seen anyone walk into a LCS and buy 10 to 20 copies of single issues. I remember people buying 20 plus issues of Rai and the Future Force #9 way back when. The books from the bronze age might get hit a little harder than even modern books for a few reasons. First, even though the market has bounced back, the number are still much lower than in the late 80s and early 90s. Currently Star Wars, Batman, and Amazing Spiderman lead the list of books that can consistently break the 100,000 sales mark. Not only were Bronze age books over produced they were also over collected. It is easy to find high quality copies of the books because they were stored correctly. So I believe Bronze Age books are set for a huge drop. There are still some book that are worth collecting from the period. Silver Age books in lower and raw grades could see a little dip. But there is no stopping the higher grade books. It is a much better investment to pay for that 9.8 or even a 9.6 copy of a book than the a few copies at CGC 7.0. Golden Age is most likely the safest bet. The supply will never meet demand. Even lesser known issues are drying up. Another thing that is different from the early 90s crash, and will help cushion the blow, is the internet. In the 90s as stores closed down, there were little to no other outlets to keep the market going. LCS destroyed newsstand sells, and when they left, they did the same to direct sales. I think most collectors that have pull list at stores still buy from online retailers as well. I think the best advise is the oldest advise. Buy what you enjoy.

  • Ben C

    Completely agree that this is not a repeat of the 90s. It is a new animal. I agree to a point about the Bronze Age taking plunge a bit and I think Golden Age is always a solid investment. I do believe we are going to continue to see market corrections on hot for a month movie and random spec books.

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