CBSI Member Hits Skybound 5th Anniversary Golden Ticket

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During San Diego Comic Con┬áSkybound/Image sold box-sets with a special edition variant to all their#1 issues to people lucky enough to attend. All boxes were not the same though. Some contained the regular variants, some way more rare than the others contained black and white box-sets, and the rarest of the rare contained “Golden Tickets”. These Golden Tickets could be redeemed for CGC 9.8 copies with the label signed by Robert Kirkman. Nobody is sure what it means exactly to have the label signed, is it a Yellow Label, or is the case signed?……nobody is sure.

One thing for sure is, Gary Nusser a CBSI members was lucky enough to find one in his boxes this past week. His ticket was for the a 9.8 Copy of “Thief of Thieves”. Skybound sold the last of the sets that didn't sell this past week on their website and it lasted 25 minutes. The Walking Dead and a few others haven't been found yet, so prices on unopened boxes should see a steady rise until all the big tickets have been found.

Let us know if anyone else finds one or has found one.


Congrats to Gary for his incredible find.



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