Venom Dark Origin #4 – September 2008

Venom Dark Origin #4Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Hello amigos! Thanks for checking back to another episode! Right off the bat, I am going to say this is the thing nightmares are made of! When Venom was still a major bad@$$, and not in space, or carrying guns (granted, I actually do like him currently), he only needed himself to scare any and everyone. And this cover says it all. For anyone who has never read the Dark Origins storyline, I suggest you do. It is basically Eddie Brock’s telling of his origin, and it’s a great read. Tell me this is not a great cover by Angel Medina! Out of the 5 issue mini, this seems to be the hot comic, and I believe the cover is the reason.

All of the issues had a print run of around 20-22k, so, for me, this is right on the cusp of low print, and not low print. But I will say, Issue #4 is hard to find, in the wild and online. People have always loved Venom, and this is one of the great Venom covers. If Brock ever becomes Venom again, possibly this series might garner some heat, but for now go grab the series, and definitely #4, although this one may set you back about $20.

Happy Hunting fellas!


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