Uomo Ragno 449 Speciale

spider-man 449Print run: Unknown

Reprints: Amazing Spider-man 527, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol 1 ) 4 and The Pulse (vol1) 12 in italian language

Cover artist: Gabriele Dell'Otto

Available for the Lucca Comics and Games Festival in Italy in 2006 in a limited print run (I wasn’t able to find a print run for this one, but I know it is limited). Lucca Comics and Games is a comics and games festival held once a year in Lucca, Tuscany, and it is considered the largest comic festival In Europe.

I just bought a Amazing Spider-Man 17.1 by Gabriel Dell'Otto a couple of weeks ago because I liked the way he draws Spider-Man so when I found this one, I had to buy it too.

Hey, it even comes with a giant Spider-Man poster inside: talk about a great deal for under 20$ Euro shipping included!

Good hunting and see you next week!!!


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