Classic Cover of the Week 7/20/2015


New Week, New Covers!!



(Key Publications)

An excellent Bernard Bailey piece featuring the only blood transfusion cover I know of.  As with almost all random non DC, Fawcett or Atlas pre 1960 PCH books, this is somewhat tough to track down.  A few copies are being offered online but have absurd asking prices.

19 Universal copies on the CGC census with an average grade of 5.5, the top being a lone 8.5 and the low end ringing in with a single 1.5

SHELF DATE of July 1954








Wonder Woman's first solo title and a classic H.G. Peter cover.  As if this was not enough, it is also the 2nd appearance of Wonder Woman and the first appearance of Mr Terrific as well as The Gay Ghost.  An absolute monster of a book and there are in fact copies out there for sale.  Prices might look steep but in a couple years time, this constantly overlooked key will be commanding much higher prices.

49 Universal copies on the census with an average of 5.09.  What seems a little surprising is 2 top the chart with a 9.4 grade.  The bottom of the census has a single 1.5, 1.0 and a .5.

SHELF DATE of January 1942

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