SDCC – Shaun Does Comic Con!

Friday through Sunday. Three full days. I stumbled onto the floor Friday morning with no inkling of what to expect. I arrived there straight from a week in Mexico. No planning, no floor map, just some hints from some friends and a guy or 2 to show me some ropes. To some this is mecca. To me it was a raucous, tiring, extraordinarily fun, end to a vacation. Not sure if I conquered, but I did learn. Here are some pieces that stuck out to me.


Want to know what it’s like to get in there? Here’s a panoramic (so it’s bent, this is left to right). We are all shoulder to shoulder pointed at the doors. “Open, open, open,” a la Mervyn’s 1992.


This is for the kids! Except it’s not. It’s for adults to go buy toys like they’re kids, or buy toys for their kids. Your children may be trampled. Or feel the wrath of my backpack.

Question: “Do you know what this line is for?”
Answer: “I’m not in line.”
Comment: “Yes you are.”
Action of answerer: Turn to person in front of them and ask “What are we in line for?”
–Because if you’re in line, you in no conceivable fashion want to get out if you find out it’s for something good.


It’s still about the comics, to a degree. I got some deals, but I also got a lot of comic appreciation. Some well taken care of collections with prices that are occasionally insane, but I’m not selling my decent silver or bronze books for bargain basement prices either. Has anyone seen prices on Hulk 1, or Amazing Fantasy 15 lately? They have left the universe. We all missed out on a LOT of money. Well, almost all of us. I did for sure.

To the creators mad because people profit off things they purchase… RELAX. Shelling out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for a trip and charging more money on eBay to a person in Nebraska who didn’t attend means we all come out ahead. For whatever the reason they are not able to make it, I buy one for me, and sell them one at a profit. No big deal. Everybody wins.

People stop and dig when they see alphabetized comics with dividers. Seriously, show me where “A” is so I can get busy!

Filthy comics can have a great yield. Pulled some nice books out of some bins that turned my fingers black. Of course, I didn’t get all the way through. It’s gross. Presentation fellas! But prices are better than the guys who put everything in mylites with full backs.

Nice dealers remain nice. Aresehole’s stay thus. Long Beach, WonderCon, and now Comic Con, the same dealers have the same copies of the same books on the wall. I guess you only have to sell a couple to make your nut. I didn’t find too many desperate people. To the good guys, thank you.

Combination of good guys, cleanest comics, best selection, and decent prices were: A-1 comics, Terry’s Comics, the other Terry’s Comics, and I forget the two store names run by Dan and Phil, but guys thanks again! This isn’t a finite list but these are guys I’m always happy to see.

Mile High Comics! Was a mile high.

Mile High Comics! Was a mile high.

If you want to see keys, they are here in force. Heritage Auctions had a few setups in different places and would rotate books around. Seriously they must have driven an armored truck on the floor to setup these display cases.

Walk into a booth and see a case, oh, Batman 1 6.0! Oh, that guy has 3 Amazing Fantasy 15s on his wall. Hey cool, Superman 23 the first Lex Luther CGC 8.5. Many Incredible Hulk 1s. A guy had 2 Our Army At War 83s, the first Sergeant Rock?? 2? I had never seen 1. Let’s get real:

Then some dealers, you just have to laugh at! I know you booth was expensive, but a raw Omega Men 3 for $100? Teen Titans 44 for $200? New Teen Titans 2 for $300??? Takes some audacity to label raw stuff 9.8. When you’re charging CGC/CBCS 9.8 prices, I want the case too!



Wow there were some cool items in there. Full childhood freak out on some of this stuff. My favorites far and away were the Super 7 (Masters of the Universe) M.O.T.U. M.U.S.C.L.E toys. Little pink MUSCLEs of MOTU characters, with a black set of each Heroes and Villains variant characters. And if you were in the right place at the right time, a purple Skeletor at the Mattel stand! And they made you walk a half mile outside of the convention to their pop-up shop for the 2nd set of black variants. Total mark out for these guys!

I was really feeling the Masters of the Universe I guess. Super 7 and Mattel killed it. My inner Dolph/Drago looked in the mirror and said “You will lose.”
25OG Skeletor and Boba Fett!? Yes please! Well, they’re actually just wish list at those prices. Seeing as my parents paid a little less for the ones I had 30 years ago.


Devastator. We all saw it. I have no room for it in my home sadly. Same with the anniversary Voltron. You know how badly I both do and do not, want to display those in my living room?? Nostalgia dies hard.


I will say though, my favorite item was Zombie Hulk! I can almost hear Real American playing as he shreds his chest! Do I smell a Walking Dead cameo? Vince McMahon is huge on crossovers. “Fight for what’s right, fight for your life,” except you’re already dead. “When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside,” it might be because you’re literally ripping your guts outs. Careful Hulkster! “I feel strong about right and wrong,” then don’t eat anybody. (If you don’t get it – check the vid, and prepare to be blown away)



31Walked in and stood under a sign in order to text my friend PHood to meet me. I hear “Can I have your autograph?” Alas, they weren’t speaking to me, but Jim Lee! Out on the floor, I’d been inside less than 2 minutes and there he is!

3230 minutes later… Outside of Image Todd McFarlane is standing and signing. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it wasn’t the ticketed event. So at that point I had spent 30 minutes in there and came within arm’s length of JL and TMc! What an Image!

33Sergeant Slaughter you’ve lost some weight! But you’re still an American treasure! Taking pictures with babies for GI Joe at Hasbro!

Speaking of Hasbro, Bronie proposal. What’s a female Bronie? I guess just a fan? I was just there looking for my niece I swear! I will ask her. She got the Cards Pinkie Pie.

35Terry Moore, the man who perfected the female nose, is the nicest guy in the room. A truly gracious man who was kind to all that I saw, including me. His prices were beyond reasonable for prints, originals, sketchbooks, and trades. I came back the next day after I picked up a print and the sketchbook, after I found the comic I was looking for to have him sign. Rachel Rising 13. Had a nice chat about the series, the man is truly happy to talk about art and writing. Pick up Rachel Rising and start now if you haven’t. Support a great artist.


A man in panties isn’t a costume. Or is it? Oh wait, I was just touting He-Man. Proceed.

Deadpool looking like he’s doing something ridiculous is the main costume of choice. I suppose they are just going as a Marvel variant cover from any unrelated Deadpool book, so this actually makes sense. Proceed.

If you wear a cosplay suit that is 2 times as wide as your body, you should have to buy 2 tickets, just like an airline. However, if you are just that large (I’m not small), proceed.

Wow. You are one helluva Wookie. Proceed.

Wow. You are one helluva Wookie. Proceed.

I don’t care if four of you dressed the same, if you try to walk shoulder to shoulder or hold hands people have the right to walk through your group. Unless you are a dad and 3 small kids. Proceed. With caution.

When an exhibit has a crowd that back into the aisles, this is where all cosplayers decide is the best place to stop traffic and do their best fierce. Proceed to freaking move. Thanks!


Artist alley is just awesome. Mostly pretty cool people displaying some absolutely amazing art. Take some time and flip through their books, you will find some incredible stuff.

I appreciated Ron English’s take especially, with a fat Tony the Tiger and Super-Sized Ronald McDonald. Although icons created by past generations, the new generations can now see the effects. Take from it what you will.


How batty can you get? Wish this was in my living room.


In TRUE CBSI FORM. Adam Hughes and J Scott Campbell had adjoining booths. If you’re a long time member, you get it.


This show means something different to everyone who attends. The beauty is that you can make it what you want. You can wait in line for days for Star Wars, make it into Hall H, meet a hero, or make some money. Childlike awe exists for the young and old alike, with a million different universes on display, created by a million different creative geniuses. Choose your universe, and choose your own adventure. Bring your wallet, forget your appetite, and don’t look back!


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