This week there some surprising news out of Wesley Snipes camp, he’s been talking to Marvel about the return of the Daywalker! Could he show up on Netflix’s Daredevil? It would probably be the best place place considering the R rated Vampire’s violent methods. There aren’t many collectible Blade comics but here are the ones I like:

Tomb of Dracula 10 / Le Tombeau De Dracula 10

image03 image00

This one is well known appearance of Blade. For fans of foreign versions here is the French edition too.

Blade Trinity Platinum DVD Nightstalking Mini Comic

image07 image01

With a print run of 12,500 this extremely rare comic features the origin of Abigail Whistler, daughter of legendary vampire hunter and Blade trainer Whistler.

Book and Record Set


This 1974 book and record set is a very early appearance of Blade and is often overlooked by collectors.

Adventure into Fear 24 & 25

image02 image04

Blade’s first foray into another title pitted him against the fangs of the Spider-Man foe Morbius. Much like Morbius, Blade has always been unable to sustain a long run in a monthly title.

Vampire Tales 8


Blade’s first appearance in a magazine sized publication is not easy to find in NM. It is also the first appearance of the Vampire Legion.

Marvel Preview Presents 3


Filled with a litany of incredible Blade tales by the likes of Stan Lee and Gene Colan, this one should be in every Blade fans collection!

Castle of Horror 2


Another early Blade appearance and the origin of Morbius make this one collectible. I have found that magazine size horror, comic and fantasy books from the Bronze age are becoming increasingly harder and harder to find in high grade.

Blade 1 Variant ( 1999 )


Here’s an amazing Bart Sears cover for this hard to find variant. It’s also one of the only modern Blade comics I would ever want in my collection.

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    Castle of Horror should be issue number 2 as per the cover. Not issue number 3.

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    Tomb of Dracula 13 is Blade’s origin.
    Also I would like to add that the “french” edition is in french, but it was published in and created exclusively for french speaking Quebec, Canada. It is not from France. This is important because if it was published in France it would have a much larger print run. Being of Quebec origin, it had a very small print run. Heritage Edition books from Quebec, in high grade are considered scarce.

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