Archie walking dead without the afterlife looking for spec coming out of SDCC


Few new books came out last week that I would deem spec worthy and some TV spec from SDCC for new characters (some awesome trailers also came out of SDCC that pushed up prices of books already spec'ed on but not much we weren't already aware of)

1. Walking Dead #144

Well the end of the 3rd compendium finally came and as expected it came with a bang. Have been waiting for this issue for ages, it was first pointed out to me byCBSI regular ThomasVaeth that this issue would be rounding up the compendium and most likely be a key issue. And that it was, lots of people were speculating on who would snuff it in this issue and although it wasn't any of the big dogs they were still pretty shocking. Can't wait to read the next few issues as s**t just got real!!!!!Selling for 2 to 3x cover at moment but can see this gradually going up as supplies dry up.

My prediction is this will end up in the £10 ($15) region


2. Archie #1 Cover A Fiona Staples

Read this this morning and found myself really enjoying it (something I thought I would never say about an Archie book until Afterlife came out). The art was as you'd expect from Staples and absolutely sublime. I think we could have a contender with the new Archie series. It was nice well written, light-hearted  and enjoyable.Now there was a ridiculous amount of covers for this book, but a clear favourite has arisen, that being cover A by Fiona Staples.

Currently selling for double cover, if the series keeps up the good work can see this rising to about 3x cover.



Now unlike previous years, not a lot of big spec books came out of SDCC this year. Most movie trailers and TV news was stuff that most people were already aware of.

But a few new spec books came out of Arrow and Supergirl TV show news

1. Arrow season 4 spec

Damien Darhk was announced as the new villain for Arrow season 4, being played by Neal McDonaugh. His 1st appearance is The Titans #1 which had 2 covers tt1att1b

2. Supergirl Spec

3 new bad guys were announced for the first season ofSupergirl:

Maxwell Lord

The man responsible for putting back the Justice League and for getting his neck snapped by Wonder Woman

1st appearance Justice League #1


Think most people are already aware of this character. Spec for her was first started on the CBSI google page (it was that long ago I am not sure who to give the original credit to) and this book has sold for some high prices. Dropped some recently but with this news could be on the rise again

1st appearance Superman Adventures #5


Don't really know much about this character but looking at his wiki entry I can see he was also once a member of Suicide Squad

1st appearance Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #8




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