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New Week, New Covers!!



(Prize Publications)

Strong and vibrant red cover with WWII tones and some minor element of horror.  I am not sure who the artist on this is, as there is very little information out there on this book.  What I do know is there are ZERO copies for sale anywhere and 1 single completed sale on ebay for what appears to be a pretty low grade copy for close to 2 grand…

4 examples (all are Universal) on the CGC Census.  1 9.4 (Church copy), a 9.0 a 7.0 and a 4.5.

SHELF DATE December 1944




SHADOW COMICS #38 (Vol 4, #2)

(Street & Smith)

So many incredible Shadow cover, but this one has always stuck out in my mind.  Cover art by Charles Coll and what a cover it is.  Keeping in mind most comics at this point were pumping out patriotic covers or focused on Super Heroes, Shadow comics were pushing the limits of what was acceptable to publish far before EC or the other “New Trend” books.

3 on the CGC Census.  All are Universal with a 9.0, an 8.5 and a 6.5.

SHELF DATE of May 1944

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