New Clue! Recap of clues so far!!!

I just had confirmation that the first book has yet to be claimed (someone attempted to claim it yesterday but spoke to a person who didn't know about it … Sorry about that, but try again!). We should probably make it clearer that we need to be told when you get to the book, but here comes a recap!!!

So here are the clues for the books so far with a new one added first:


  • Table number would be the year of Daisy Johnson's first appearance's 100th anniversary!


  • Table number = [(Issue number of the 1st appearance of Kingpin)*100] + (Issue number of the 1st appearance of Adam Strange)


  • table with a letter and two digits as its ID
    • The letter is the initial of a character that first appeared in #3 of the original Omega Men run.
    • The digits correspond to the issue number of the first time Hank McCoy turned into the blue furred Beast.

We think that it's best given the time that we stop at 3 books … We will give away the rest of the books through contests in the website! Stay tuned!!!

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