We Can Never Go Home SDCC Variant *50 Total Print Run*

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Well I was wrong! The winner of SDCC so far isn't the Skybound 5th Anniversary box-set I wrote about yesterday. Granted they are still selling like hot cakes, and the individual black and white variants from broken sets are going for insane money right now on eBay. Sadly even the heat this set has caused the past few days will only get it the bronze medal in my opinion when doors close Sunday. $_12

The winner isn't even the insanely rare RRP variants for the connecting covers of Outcast #10 and The Walking Dead #144. There have been two sets on eBay and one sold for around $399 from what I can gather. These just like last year's were given out to select dealers by Skybound personnel. They will be hard to find and should generate some insane money this week on the aftermarkets.

But the winner of SDCC will be  …………………………………


We Can Never Go Home #1 Aziritt Variant. You can go to the the Ashcan Press Tumblr Page for verification of the rarity. The issue is only 50 numbered copies, 35 of which were sold at SDCC. They also were sold at a random time and one dealer was able to obtain 1/3 of the copies from what #CBSI members who were in line witnessed. So in all actuality there will be about 25 copies of this book in the wild after it's all said and done. You guys thought the Wytches #1 NYCC variant went crazy, wait till one or two of these hit eBay. Lord only knows what the limit will be on these once the bidding begins. This will be the champion. Black Mask has done an incredible job the past few months with this book, and they have generated a ton of publicity through it. The premise and story of the book is amazing and should have legs. Good luck trying to find one of these bad boys. If you do, please post pics.


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