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Today was the 1st full day of SDCC and the clear winner so far comic wise has been the SDCC Skybound 5th Anniversary Box Set. This limited edition box set includes 10 Skybound #1 issues, each featuring a special 5th anniversary cover treatment.  Titles include: THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, THIEF OF THIEVES, GHOSTED, MANIFEST DESTINY, BIRTHRIGHT, SUPER DINOSAUR, CLONE, WITCH DOCTOR and OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA. The box set also comes with a Skybound branded flash drive loaded with digital collections of these titles’ first volumes. 20 of the boxes will have randomly inserted redemption cards for a chance at CGC graded 9.8 first prints of these titles, with the label signed by Robert Kirkman. Also look for randomly inserted sets that feature all black and white variant covers of these special issues.


These have been selling all day on eBay in excess of $150 and higher in some instances. The B/W individual issues are selling for almost $50 each if you were lucky enough to open your box and have the limited set inside. The Walking Dead alone will command a few hundred bucks minimum at the time of this posting.


They will 100% run out of these tomorrow. Then the prices will go nuclear. I would buy these at around the $130 mark right now, because I still think you have plenty of time to make money. These might be a slow burn for a LONG time. Good luck


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    I was on the fence on buying one of these off ebay, but I went ahead and pulled the trigger for one that was still sealed in hopes of getting the b & w set. I hope my trust in this site will be pay off. If you guys find a Outcast b&w for $50 let me know and I will gladly paypal you.


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