Wolverine & Jubilee by Phil Noto – German Variant

This week we've got a very limited variant by Phil Noto Cover from Germany …

Wolverine & Jubilee

X-Men Sonderheft 31 Wolverine & Jubilee Variant

Published:October 2011
Cover artist : Phil Noto
Print run: LIMITED TO 333
Exclusive from Comic Action 2011 in Essen Germany

That's right, folks, only 333 copies exist. This comic reprints Marvel US Wolverine and Jubilee 1 to 4. Pretty classic style cover and I like the fact that she drawn those red eyes for us to know she is a vampire. I will agree it's not the most spectacular cover, but, like his style or not, Phil Noto is a great artist and this issue is a great addition for any of his fans.

You can find this one easily for under$25 (shipping included) even if it has a limited print run .So if you like a classy cover by Phil Noto, this one is for you!!!

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