Classic Cover of the Week 7/6/2015


New Week, New Covers!!



(Story Comics)

Another in the long list of horror titles trying to mimic the look of EC Comics, MA #21 features a great bondage beheading cover.  Cover artist is unknown but I am sure with some digging folks could find this info.  As with most of this PCH non EC books, a couple on ebay but higher asking prices for low grade examples.

17 Universal copies on the CGC Census, a 9.4 at the top a 4.0 at the bottom, with an average on all of 6.67



SHELF DATE of August 1953



(Star Comics)

Fantastic LB Cole Cover, not much more needs to be said about this last issue from the run.  Couple of these online for folks who need to scratch that itch.

13 Universal examples on the census, 9.2 at the top 4.0 at the bottom, 6.63 average.

SHELF DATE of February 1952

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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