Movie Posters

I was in the middle of writing my article this week and I fell asleep! Luckily, my 4 year old daughter was kind enough to wake me up at 2 in the morning to let me know I had to finish it. Kids are great aren’t they? Are they? I had a few ideas for this week’s theme but I settled on homages to movie posters. I hope you guys like them!

1. West World / Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two 4 – Not much to say about this one…exactly what a cover swipe should be!

2. A Clockwork Orange / Various – This movie freaked me out when I saw it…Kubrick is a strange dude

3. Alien / Various – Deadpool is at it again…he has two homages to this poster!

4. Blade:Trinity / X-Force 24 – X-Force had a bunch of movie poster homages…here are a few.

5. Lost Boys / Various – Can’t go wrong with the Frog Brothers! They owned their own comic shop!

6. From Dusk Til Dawn / X-Force 22 – George Clooney’s finest work! No Salma Hayek’s finest work!

7. Interview with the Vampire / X-Force 21 – Is Necrosha an island full of vampires? Maybe I should read this series…

8. Vampires / Necrosha: The Gathering 1 – James Woods could pretty much kick the ass of all the characters in that comic??

9. Dracula / X-Force 25 – No witty comment here…just a pretty good homage cover.

10. Aliens / Cable 18 – Who would win in a fight between Ripley and Cable??

11. Enter the Dragon / Various – Wolverine got close, but it takes a Sienkiewicz to do justice to the classic poster.


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