Green Lantern #28 Combo Pack – April 2014

Green Lantern #28 Combo PackWelcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Hi gang! Thanks for checking back to another episode! Ok, plain and simple, the Supergirl train is chugging right along and picking up steam. More and more people are watching the trailer and the leaked pilot, and getting really great reviews. Slowly, but surely, a lot of her keys are rising. Here is one that I think you might want to put on your radar. Not only is it Supergirl, but it is a Combo variant! You are looking at Green Lantern #28 from the New DC 52 (which ironically is old now). This was one of those hotter books, which sold out immediately, and went to a second print. The regular issue now goes for $10+. Great cover, by Billy Tan, and a great tie-in to the series also!

Right now, with a print run of about 28,000 the regular 1st print is going for $10+. The Combo variant has some online sales of $20+ now. I do think in time, it will garner more heat, and sales should go a little higher. In terms of the actual print run, like most combo variants, it is a mystery, but I do know it is under 1,000. Best to get your Supergirl stuff now! I only see it rising!

Happy Hunting fellas!

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