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(Harry A Chesler)

I have been trying to hold back on this one until I hit a dry spot or ran out of covers.  It came up in conversation the other night, so here it is.  Insanely rare though only listed as a 6 on the Gerber guide, I believe this should be more an 8 or even a 9 as this book is just not out there.  Hands down the best “Skull Cover” coveted by collectors with endless demand and zero supply.  Cover artist is Paul Gattusso.

This title is rich with amazing covers, though very confusing for a title as it switches between borderline funny animal or cartoon covers one issue to outstanding PCH and Sci-Fi Fantasy the next.  Expect to see more from this line in the near future.

Zero examples on the census…  Unless I am missing something there are absolutely zero copies on the CGC census.

SHELF DATE of January 1945







Creig Flessel classic cover introducing comic readers to DC's latest hero The Sandman.  Considered a Blue Chip key from the beginning of Comic “Fandom” this is Flessel at the top of his game.  Obviously not many folks can run out and grab a copy of this super key, though copies are brought to auction but mainly at the larger sites.

Only 19 Universal copies on the CGC Census with an average grade of 5.18.  A single 8.0 sits atop the mountain with a single 1.5 at the bottom.

SHELF DATE of July 1939

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