We Can Never Go Home #1-3 New Prints Connecting Covers

You know we have been loving WE CAN NEVER GO HOME here at CBSI, so we want everybody to know about this. From Ashcan Press' (Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon) Tumblr:

We Can Never Go Home #1-3 Connecting covers

We Can Never Go Home #1-3 Connecting covers

We are super excited to announce that WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1 is going back for a 3rd (!!!) printing, and #2 & #3 are going for 2nd printings! Thank you so much to every retailer who carried the book, every journalist who wrote or talked about it, and every person who bought a copy. If you missed an issue or have any friends who you think would dig it please ask your local comic shop to order them this week. They won’t be available unless you do.

These reprints have connecting, wraparound covers from the amazing tylerpatrickboss. Ask for them at your local comic shop today. In stores in late July!


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