The Next Snake Eyes: Knowing Is Half The Battle


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By now many of you know that Snake Eyes died in issue #213 of GI Joe: A Real American Hero.  But what peaks my speculation interest is the naming of a new Snake Eyes.  In issue #215 we see Sean Collins aka Throwdown take the sword of his fallen mentor.  As time passes, this could lead to dynamic character changes for the new Snake Eyes.

So what issues do you need to hunt? Well we will start with issue #215 under IDW which has two regular covers, a 1:10 sketch cover, and a The Hall Of Comics Snake Eyes action figurine variant from Robert Atkins.  That book will most likely go down as the 1st appearance of the New Snake Eyes.

G.I. Joe #29

G.I. Joe #29

G.I. Joe #30

G.I. Joe #30

The other important issue to have is Collins' first appearance, which is issue #30 during the Marvel run.  Anywhere you read on the net you will see #30 listed as Collins' first appearance but as you can see in the panel below, Collins (the son of the Crimson Guard) appears in the back of the station wagon in issue #29. I have only seen one site acknowledge this. That panel easily qualifies this book as a 1st cameo appearance. It is also cheaper and far more available than issue #30, an already known commodity among Joe collectors.


1st Cameo Appearance of Sean Collins

So with the movie franchise being rebooted, this storyline could have legs for a feature film and could pay off long-term for the creative investor. Buy issues #29, #30, and #215. So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


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