1 Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 (2011) Incentive Marko Djurdjevic Variant Cover

Ultimate_Comics_Fallout_Vol_1_4_Djurdjevic_Variant (1) WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
This book has been on the cusp of being a Top 10 book for a long time. The news coming out this past week did the trick. Miles will take over the main title of Spider-Man after Secret Wars. I don't get the allure and think this will go over as well as Azrael did as Batman in the long run, but who knows. Marvel is changing everyone's favorite heroes and people are still buying their books so …..

NYX #3 (2012)

NYX_Vol_1_3 WRITER: Joe Quesada
ARTIST: Josh Middleton
CGC 9.8 books are now going for way over $400 dollars with raw NM books going for over $200. Marvel is going to announce her as the next Wolverine, which makes zero sense because she's already a Wolverine clone, but again #Marvel. Regardless this character has a ton of depth and attitude, yet has a softer side than Logan ever had. She has a chance to be popular mainstream.

3 Batman Adventures Vol 1 #12 (1993)

WRITER: Kelley Puckett
ARTIST: Mike Parobeck
Surprised? You shouldn't be. Beater copies of this books are going for $400 now. 3.5-4 raw books….books that have been ran over by bullet trains ……This book is a monster, nothing more I need to say about it. When the Suicide Squad trailer comes out and she is featured this book could get even crazier if possible. The amount of copies that sell on eBay and the amount of bids they get are pretty impressive. Welcome back Harley!


4 Starfire Vol 2 #1 (2015) Cover B Incentive Emanuela Lupacchino Variant

WRITER: Amanda Connor
ARTIST: Emanuela Lupacchino
I made a huge mistake last week and didn't include this book. It deserved it and I was wrong on my projection. Since it came out 2 weeks ago it has been selling like hot cakes and increasing in value. Consistently this book has been selling for $45-65 and BIN copies are gobbled up in the lower ranges almost instantly. It may have staying power, so buy one if you can get one on the cheap.


5 Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 #15 (2006)

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Takeshi Miyazawa
The Amadeus Cho information from last week is looking more and more likely to be true. He will be the next Hulk after Secret Wars. This happens to be his 1st appearance therefore people are buying it. I like Cho and think Marvel underutilized him after Planet Hulk. This evolution for him makes sense and has a ton of possibilities. There is a reason Marvel included his Momma in A:AoU. They have plans for the kid.


Captain Marvel Vol 6 #17 (2014) Cover C 2nd Print

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Filipe Andrade
I'm beginning to run out of things to say about this book. Her popularity is rising each week and Ms. Marvel's sales are starting to get impressive. You never see any Ms.Marvel books in the back bins, or behind the new releases for a reason. Two years ago people were complaining about paying $150 for Batman Adventures #12 raw and look what that did for investors. I say buy now and hold onto these for the long haul.


7 Immortal Iron Fist #17 Virgin Dragon Logo Variant Cover

WRITER: Matt Fraction
ARTIST: Russ Heath
This book came out of left field and I'm surprised it took this long. This is one of the simplest, yet coolest variants I have ever seen done. It's called the “Virgin” variant and has been selling for around $55-60 the past few weeks. Iron Fist has a chance to be a huge character for Marvel in 2016 and this is one of, if not his coolest variant to date. Buy if you can find one, print run is pretty low.


Lumberjanes #1 (2014) (BOOM! Exclusive Cover) 1 of 250

WRITER: Grace Ellis
ARTIST: Brooke Allen
Books like this, Enormous #1 NYCC, Divinity #1 LaRosa eventually stop moving because copies dry up. With only a couple hundred copies of these books in circulation, it finally reaches a saturation point. People stop selling them because they are either in the grading process or being held for future gains. This book falls into that category. Once the pre-production news begins to leak from Fox, expect this book to get stupid again!


Nonplayer #1 (2011) Cover A 1st Print

WRITER: Nate Simpson
ARTIST: Nate Simpson
Nate Simpson is hungry. He is supremely talented and has cult following. Not many people could've pulled off what he did with Nonplayer and the time between issues he did……yet, it worked. Copies of this book are still almost impossible to find which shows why this book is one to invest in again quickly. People love quality and this book is the epiphany of quality.


10 Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1 (2015) Cover K Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Adam Kubert
This book has legs and it's a steady mover. It's one of JSC best pieces of work and people love it. It has been selling incredibly well and earned its spot back in the top 10.


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5 (2015) (Henderson 2nd Printing)

WRITER: Ryan North
ARTIST: Erica Henderson
People like Venom……and when you have a 2nd printing with Venom on the cover and nobody knows about it until the Wed it comes out, it causes people to rush and buy them. This happened with this books this week. These dried up like crazy and are starting to catch fire on eBay and the secondary markets. I love the potential of this book.


Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #8 (2015)

WRITER: Joe Caramagna
ARTIST: Various
This one snuck up on people and before anyone figured out what was going on it was sold out on Midtown. This book is already selling for $12-15 and nobody can find any. Deadpool collectors will have to own this at some point making this book one to buy. The Hulk #13's are starting to catch fire again just because of…….Deadpool. Good luck finding these though, grossly under-ordered due to it being a kids book. This has potential to make a run up the Top 10.

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