Jubilance, thy name is Joëlle

Femmes Fatales of the Fantastic VarietyRarely in life are there two things that are perfectly balanced to create something great. But sometimes, life gets it right. I mean, that’s how they got Reese’s, right? I believe in this world, that combo would be someone who can write an amazing story, but also illustrate that story as on the nosey-nose perfect as can be. As if writing a good story wasn’t difficult enough, breathing life into it from a visual perspective is something be be admired. Joëlle Jones is that perfectly balanced combo. Yes, Joëlle Jones equals a comic book Reese’s peanut butter cup. Don’t question it, just savor it.


I had the pleasure of meeting Joëlle Jones at the 2015 Denver Comic Con. Yes, she is as beautiful as she is in pictures, and quite a magical silver-haired pixie of a woman. She’s one of those people who totally radiates a warm feeling, especially when she explains how much fun she has drawing Josie, the main character of her most well known series, Ladykiller. And purgatory knows I love a woman who can draw blood spatter like a true expert.


But let’s back up a bit. Ladykiller you say? Blood spatter you say? Please, Kittie, tell me more. Joëlle was an artist before she was ever a writer. She is perhaps best known for her work in Helheim, a horror story about Vikings. Cool, huh? She also illustrated the follow up, Bride of Hellheim. Any lady who can draw a mean Viking is alright with me. But let’s get back to Ladykiller.


This series is co-written by Jamie S. Rich, and perfectly colored by Laura Allrich. Also, it got so popular that it’s on its second print run. Not too shabs if I do say so myself, and I do talk to myself quite a bit. So, it’s about a 1960’s domestic goddess, wife, and mother named Josie Schuller. Now Josie is the perfect picture of an American housewife. She sells cosmetics door-to-door, takes care of her twin kids, and does it all in a pair of pumps without breaking a sweat. Also, she’s an expertly trained assassin who is really good at killing people. Like, artistically good at killing people. Joëlle has stated that she has a fondness for taking a stereotypical character and twisting it into the unexpected. But what is most beautiful about this series is the extensive and spot-on detail she has put into every little piece of the book. The curls in Josie’s hair, the wallpaper patterns, the blood (I can’t get over the blood!), the motion in characters’ clothes.


So if you haven’t ever seen Joëlle’s work, or read any of her stuff, you’re missing out. Also, little known fact, Joëlle loves drawing cars. Hint hint if you ever get anything commissioned by her.


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