Max is Furiously mad that it wasn’t raining new spec books, but he’s happy with TV and movie spec


Well it was a pretty dry week for spec books last week, so I will cover some of the news that have dropped recently

1. Mad Max Furiosa #1 Regular and Blank covers

After how well Mad Max: Fury Road – Nux & Immortan Joe did on the aftermarket, it was inevitable that this would do well.Although not selling for as much it's still selling steadily for 2 to 3x cover.

As first reported by CBSI member Van Denby, the blank variant was only available to order from Diamond for 1 day, hence it is being speculated that its print run is less than 1000.

Furiosa is already big in the cosplay circle so I can see this one having staying power and slowly rising, whilst as the blank variants get sketched with time they will become rare and rarer


Recently Optioned spec picks

2. Southern Bastards #1 Various covers

Standard CoverForbidden Planet Variant

Third Eye Variant

DCBS Variant

CBLDF Variant

Heroes Con Variant

This is a great book and I have been reading it since issue 1. The writing and art are top notch and there has been really good character development, with each character standing out and having their own complexities and issues.

I always thought from when I first read this that it had TV Show written all over it and if this does get made I predict it will be massive.

Now this book has never been as popular in UK as it is in US (maybe if it had been based in Essex and called Chav Bastards it might have been!!!) but none the less the news that this had been optioned saw ebay UK quickly cleared of the sparse offerings there.

Highest sale I have seen of issue 1 is £10 ($15) but I've also seen seen sets of issue 1 to 5 go for £49.99 ($75)

No real sales of variants but I can see them selling well as a lot of them are US Exclusive variants.

The most desirable and high priced variant is the Heroes Con variant. When news dropped there was limited amount of it, their website was quickly cleared and then the rest of the stock sold at Heroes Con (check some of the fantastic reports live from the Con by John DeMayo).

Think this book is going to go up and up especially as we get casting news in the future.


3. Imagine Agents #1 Standard cover and 1:20 Virgin variant

I had a feeling something was going down with this series when I woke up this morning and saw that the variant cover I had had listed for God knows how long had sold.Lo and behold I was right!!!!

I read this series when it came out and really enjoyed so I was very happy to hear this has been optioned by Fox with Michael Keaton starring and producing.

The very few copies of the standard cover that were on ebay UK were quickly cleared out (including mine which was the only variant listed!) and new listings have sprung up quickly at £20 to £25 ($30 to $37.50) but no sales at these prices yet.

Movie spec is never as good as TV spec but stiull think this has potential and would definately advise to pick this up from your LCS if they have any lurking in the back stock



  • Ioan L

    I would buy the Essex version. Good chance it would be made into an ITV 2 reality show. Thanks Simon!

    • Simon Payne

      it is already a reality show isn’t?
      I saw an interveiw with Chriss Pratt on Graham Norton & he said when he was in UK he really got into TOWIE & even did an Essex accent in the interview!!!!

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