Heroes Con 2015: Wrap-up

heroes-con-logoAnother successful Heroes Con is in the books and I must say this is my favorite show to attend. It is comics driven putting the focus on the creators. Heroes is reporting record attendance numbers and I am not shocked as the show just seems to get better.


Tickets: Fri & Sat $20 Sun $15
3-Day pass: $40
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center
Avg. Parking: $10/day
Food and bars: Tons of great options within a few blocks

My Strategy

This year I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go until the last second so I hadn't had the prep time I usually like for a con like this. What I did was divide the show into thirds. While I did a little of everything each day, I focused on buying Friday, panels Saturday, and signatures on Sunday. This worked well for me as I got to do most everything I wanted given the time I had.

On the sales floor

Jay Ewing could probably speak better to dealer sales but this show is typical of big shows in that everything and anything is available but finding deals on hot books can be tough. I saw great prices on newer variants and hot moderns. Vintage keys were everywhere so if buying online isn't your thing then this was your opportunity. I saw at least 10 Miracleman #15's (a book you just don't see) in the building. Finding the quick flip wasn't easy. I did score some newer newspaper such as under $10 Future Imperfect sets or some $5 Old Man Logan. I was amazed what some where charging on Friday for books like Civil War #1 ($30-$50) and Captain America #25 ($25-$50) to the point I brought some extras and sold them to dealers Saturday.

What really surprised me and seemed to peek my interest most was the amount of New Indy books were sitting in dollar boxes. I saw stacks of Hellbreak, Drifter, Sherwood TX, Supreme Blue Rose, Rasputin, ODC-Y, Pretty Deadly and more #1s as well as early issues from optioned books like Letter 44, Southern Bastards, Lazarus, Sex Criminals and more. The biggest surprise was that it wasn't one or two booths. I saw (and bought) stuff like that all over the place.

Want an easy way to make profit at Heroes Con? Grab a dollar book 9.8 candidate (EX: Southern Bastards #5 variant) for $1. Take it to CBCS pay $28 for the fast pass and get it triple signed (Jason Aaron, Jason Latour, and Andrew Robinson). Now, for $29 you can't lose. Back to the dollar box and repeat.

Stan Lee

Stan the Man Lee was signing for 5 hours on Saturday. Attendees reported that the line was brisk moving taking only about 45 minutes to an hour. Stan was said to be very nice saying something to everyone who came up. Prices for signatures were $100 (included 3 day pass) and $82 (included 3 day pass) for photos. There was a $550 Friday meet and greet that was attended by 30 people. The line was kept to one side of the Convention hall keeping the crowd away from the rest of the show. This was much better handled than last year with Kevin Eastman.


The panels were my favorite part of the weekend. I had a ball and the informal nature of Heroes Con really brought out the creators personalities. I would have to say the Cult Heroes panel was the funniest, Spider-Gwen the most attended, and Southern Bastards my favorite. There were so many more great panels I would have loved to have attended but time just would not permit.

Spec I took away from Panels

Buy Batgirl #37 and Southern Bastards #2 and #5.

Convention Exclusives


Babs Tarr Spider Gwen #5 $20
Jason Latour Harrow County #1 $5
Jason Latour Spider Gwen #1 $20
Chris Brunner Southern Bastards #1 $20 (2014)
Mike Zeck Hard Cover $195
Mike Zeck Secret Wars #1 $20
Spider Gwen Tee Shirt $25

Anything I would change

The only thing I would say is that most of the dealers are local. I see them at most cons in the area. The show is so great and so well attended that I would like to see more dealers fro, outside the area.

Would I recommend this show

Yes, it's a must attend event.


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