Classic Cover of the Week 6/22/2015


New Week, New Covers!!



(Atlas Comics)

Amazing Bill Everett cover from a classic run of Pre Code Horror books.  As with most PCH outside of ECs, this is a tough book to find.  Copies do surface but low grade usually and still pricey.

Only 3 copies on the CGC census, a 5.5 a 5.0 and a 4.0.

SHELF DATE of November 1953






George Roussos Joker cover (plus Joker Mobile & Joker Plane).  Copies of this book are out there but as with most Joker covers, it gets pricey.

86 Universal copies on the census, 2 9.2s at the top, 7 2.0s at the bottom with an average grade of 5.28.

SHELF DATE of November 1946

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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