Heroes Con 2015: A Conversation with Josh Hood


John & Josh Hood

John & Josh Hood

Josh Hood is the creator behind Black Mask sleeper sensation We Can Never Go Home. Josh was gracious enough to answer some questions about his books performance on the secondary market.

CBSI: With the success of the book on the secondary market one thing I have asked many creators is if that is something you pay attention to?

Josh Hood: Typically no, but with this book the success has been hard to ignore.

CBSI: When a book like this goes for so high above original cover price how does it make you feel?

JH: (pauses to put thought in his response) It's good people seem to like it. It's a seller's market so I think some of our interior pages have gotten attention and with the print number of issue 1 being around 6,500, I think, they were gone fast.

CBSI: #1 may have caught some of our investors off guard but people have been quick to jump on board. We have had reports of big sales of #3 in the UK (shout out to Simon Payne) aswell. Is that something you were aware of and did the popularity/controversy of issue 3 catch you off guard?

JH: No I wasn't. I wonder if that's because of Judge Dredd. I knew people would like it but I didn't think it would be as big as it is. You know, how many times has Clark Kent been in an Avengers book and it's never been a big deal. Plus no one has told me to change it so I'm good.

CBSI: That was actually my next question, have you heard any flak from any majors?

JH: No. And Black Mask is cool they have a real laissez fare attitude toward the whole thing so I don't know. We will have to change it for the trades though. Black Mask has to pre print like 2000 copies of the trade and if even one company sends a letter they all have to be destroyed.

CBSI: Do you have an idea yet what you're gonna do?

JH: I don't know. Some guy earlier said I should just do all new characters like change Supergirl to Power Girl etc. (laughs) so I like that idea.

CBSI: I see you have a Heroes Con print for sale, how have sales been?

JH: Pretty good. I don't think people are as into art prints as they once were. Adam Hughes used to bring a stack of prints and it was $10 each all day.

CBSI: How about the books? (Josh had 1st prints of issue 1,2 and 3 for $10 each, the 3 for $25.)

JH: Brisk. I had a guy come grab a stack of #3's.

CBSI: Well, your prices are great!

JH: Good! I struggled with what to price them, I know they are going for more and I had to get them from my LCS so I had to order and pay for them. I didn't want to charge too much but they have done well.

CBSI: Thank you so much for your time.

JH: No problem, man.


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