Heroes Con 2015: Spider-Gwen Panel

heroes-con-logoThe panel began at 2:30 and was packed even with Stan Lee signing.  The panel featured the whole creative team: Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi.


Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi

The panel began with Jason Latour discussing how Spider Gwen came to be. He said his first choice was Spider-Ham and his second was Spider-Ben.  He said when Marvel pitched the idea he was nervous and had to sleep on it, had he not written Winter Soldier he would not have had the guts to take Gwen Stacy on.

The big draw for Latour was getting to pick his team as well as crafting the Mary Jane's angle.

Robbi Rodriguez discussing costume design: “I am not drawing all that webbing.”

Jason Latour: “We both agreed she should not be overly sexual. Plus she should be intimidating.”

Jason Latour was not excited about the color change. He said he wanted more Spider-Man colors. Robbi Rodriguez pushed for teal and maroon.  He said it was close to the Charlotte Hornets colors so he went with it.

Rico Renzi: ” I wanted to push the color style similar to Akira, I didn't want any greys and browns.”

Did you know? The Spider Gwen team was supposed to take over Moon Knight and even plotted story before the book got so popular it turned into an ongoing. Very interesting.

The creators credit the fans buying the issues making the character into an ongoing by speaking with their wallets.

Jason Latour: “People who are against cosplay are people I don't understand. I defy you to have a problem or not understand it when you see someone dressed as a character you created. It's touching. It's an art form all by itself.”

Robbi Rodriguez: ” We weren't aiming for any market or type of person we just wanted to make a good book.”

Jason Latour: “It is nerve-wracking to write a character and have people get so behind a costume before the book even comes out. It could have been the biggest brick of my life.”

Jason Latour: “The first few issues were just laying the ground work. We're not done having fun yet.”

Latour said look for more Evil Matt Murdock. He seems excited for where the character can go.

The creators all talk about how freeing the Earth 65 timeline is.

Robbi Rodriguez went on to talk about how it's intimidating creating new character adaptations for the book after Spider Gwen's success.

Robbi Rodriguez: “We are like hip hop, we use samples.”

Jason Latour talked about the hip hop/comic book relations.

Robbi Rodriguez said his and Rico's art is Rock and Roll and Jason Layouts writing is hip hop.

The panel introduced Married to Sea Monsters aka The Mary Jane's who made “Face it Tiger”.


Spider-Gwen merch is coming!

Jason Latour: “It's amazing to me that we live in a time of Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, and Spider Gwen.”

I got a question in the Q&A:

John DeMayo: “What was your reaction to the secondary market spike on the first appearance, with the first appearance peaking around $100?”

Jason Latour: “I don't have a hard-line answer for that. We were surprised by the whole thing.  I don't have an issue with eBay or people getting books signed for sale. Once you buy it it's up to you. I just don't like people trying to get 100 books signed . I want to reach people who really love the book. It's cool with me though. We have no control over it”

Robbi Rodriguez: “Our names are currency now” to laughs from the crowd.

Jason Latour wants to do a new take on Tombstone. He said to watch Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal Video.

Symbiote story is coming maybe, Jason Latour said he has about ten ideas.

The guys closed by thanking everyone for their support.

Robbi Rodriguez and John

Robbi Rodriguez and John


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