Heroes Con 2015: The DC Panel


Panel starts at 11:30 in the same room as Marvels panel.  The room is about half full which is a bummer with so many new books being featured.

Panel includes Ben Caldwell from Prez, Ming Doyle of Hellblazer. Babs Tarr of Batgirl, Stephane Roux of Power Girl & Harley, Robert Venditti of Flash and Green Lantern, and Jeremy Haun formerly of Constantine.

Ming Doyle: “I am very happy to be on such an iconic title.”

She stated that it is the first book that's all hers so it's intimidating. She also loved Jeremy Haun's run and stated it is a tough follow. She said she is happy to have the Hellblazer in the title.  The book is MA15 so they can do things more than other DC books but not as much as the Vertigo line. “They're cool with John consumating with a genderless beasts.” which drew laughter.

Babs Tarr talked about being discovered by Cameron Stewart and how he pushed for her to be on Batgirl.

Stephane Roux posted his work online and was discovered and brought to DC by CBSI favorite and Adam Hughes.

The panel discussed what it was like to work with such established characters.

Babs Tarr was nervous changing Batgirl's look. She felt old readers would revolt but was pleasantly surprised by the response.

Stephane Roux talked about how he isn't a fan of the new Harley look. He wishes he could do more old Harley but because of the movie it won't happen.  He said the popularity of the look comes from the success of Harley in video games and DC has been chasing that look ever since.

Robert Venditti discussed how he never read Flash or Green Lantern before getting the jobs. He talked about how he has no idea of the previous continuity.  He said that gave him more freedom but has since researched anything and everything stating he has read more than 500 GL issues.  He said it's cool that his kid gets to go to school and say my dad writes Flash.

Jeremy Haun said he got the call that he got the Constatine job at Heroes Con 2014.

Ben Caldwell said he got into comics because he grew up poor and comics were cheaper than movies.

Babs Tarr discussed Batgirl's new look. Cameron Stewart was offered the whole book but was also working on Fight Club 2 so he went to her for help. He asked DC if he could change the look and DC was open to it.  He did a new costume design and sent it to Tarr who said she added “Babs Jazz”. Everyone on the panel started laughing and #babsjazz will be a thing.

Ming Doyle said DC asked her to change John Constantine's look.  They ran through a ton of looks but didn't want to stray too far. At the same point wanted him to wear different looks and clothes because real people wear different clothes.

DC has sent an email to Ben Caldwell and asked him to stop redesigning every character. He joked that's why he got Prez because she is a new character.

NEWS: Robert Venditti gave a hint to where flash is going. He said E. Thawne as Zoom is coming back in a big way after being on a Flash #40 splash page. He will be featured with some other villains we will recognize.

NEWS: Alysia ( Trans character -make sure I have her name right)  will be prominently featured and Babs Tarr suggested to grab the Batgirl Preview sampler.

Tarr also said she enjoys incorporating manga themes and keeps expecting DC to stop her. #babsjazz

The panel said DC gives them no advance info on DC tv shows.  Most said they pay no attention to the shows. Robert Venditti said he watches Flash as a fan and Ming Doyle said the only Constantine media she has seen was Keeanu Reeves movie.

They ended with some light hearted joking about their favorite characters (DC panel yet we heard Spiderman and Hulk) as well as a few more #Babsjazz comments.




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