Heroes Con 2015: Southern Bastards Panel


20150620_162059Up next is the Southern Bastards panel beginning at 4:30 with Ultimate Jason Latour and Superior Jason Aaron.

Moderator: Let's get right to it, what can you tell us about the FX deal?

Jason Latour: “Fuck you guys for reading”

Moderator: “Hollywood is going to his head”

Jason Latour: “Nah, it's going to my pants.”

Jason Aaron: “Clearly they are paying us in Zubaz.”

Jason Aaron: “The whole thing is so new we don't know any more than you do, but they are letting us write it (the pilot) … so if it sucks it's our fault.”

It won't stop the comic, but as usual they don't have a release schedule and will take breaks. Jason Latour will be writing and doing art for the fourth issue of the new arc to give Jason Aaron a month's break.

Coach Boss and the title Southern Bastards was an idea Jason Aaron had during his Scalped run but never got to do it.

He brought the idea to Jason Latour and meshed it with a western Latour wanted to write featuring a dog inspired by a neighbor's dog who kept “shitting” on his lawn.

Jason Aaron: “We both have projets we work on that we love, but this is our baby.”

Jason Latour: “A lot of people say it's authentic but I don't like that word. It's really a lie that leads to the truth.”

Jason Aaron: “Coach Boss is a guy based on a guy like Nick Saban. Saban could probably kill someone in Alabama and get away with it, and in our book Coach Boss literally beats someone to death and can get away with it because he is a really good football coach.”

Moderator: “The book seems to touch on a love/hate relationship with the South would you agree?”

Jason Aaron: “It's like your brother, you can talk shit about it but others can't.”

Jason Latour: “This comes from me being from a hometown where there are things that I love and hate.”

Inside info: Third story arc will delve into Earl Tubbs daughter and her importance to the story.

Jason Latour: “We made you think this was a book about an old John Wayne type when it's really about a biracial daughter avenging her father's death.”

Spec Alert: Earl Tubbs daughter first appears in issue #1. Female leads are hot right now. No return of Earl Tubbs as some have speculated.

Spec alert: Issue #5 features glimpses of characters that will be featured later.

The 3rd story arc will be six issues featuring separate stand alone about one character leading to the prom.

I got a question in the Q&A which got quite the response:

John: “We heard you talk about Internet rumors, any idea where the hype behind Scalped #43 and the reports of that being Earl Tubbs first appearance?”

Both shake their head laughing.

Jason Latour: “Ebay people.”

Jason Aaron: “It just comes from us writing an issue of Scalped together.”

Jason Latour: “It's one of those things any time a book has hype you hear stuff like that.”

Jason Aaron: “I always say have you read the books? They are nothing alike.”

Jason Latour: “Different characters, I like to say same actor cast differently … at best.”

Jason Aaron: “But hey, we got a hardcover coming out so don't dispel anything. Whatever sells.” To laughter from the room.

There was a question about the show filming location. The show hasn't picked a location. They are looking at Charlotte but tax law is rough so maybe Rock Hill, SC (MY HOMETOWN!) where Outcast is being filmed.

Jason Aaron: “Just not California.”

A question was asked about “The Jason's” having a hand in casting.

Jason Latour: “We don't know yet.”

Jason Aaron: “Well, shit, I hope so … We are Executive Producers but as we said it's so early.”

Jason Latour: “We are just amazed people buy a football book about rednecks with sticks.”

Jason Latour: “Look out for the Southern Bastards Annual: Crisis on Infinite Earls.” The room empties with everyone laughing.

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Jason Latour & John


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