Heroes Con 2015: Nate Simpson

After a brief intro about comicbookinvest.com and Nonplayer's spot on Trey's Top 10, I asked and was granted an interview exclusively for comicbookinvest.com


CBSI: I overheard you talking with several attendees about the price of the #1 2nd print, how much attention do you pay to secondary market prices?

Nate Simpson: A bit here and there. I've heard the 1 print can go for over $200. (graded)

CBSI: Our speculators and investors have jumped on board for the book. How does it feel for the book to be so well received?

NS: It's really cool. I wasn't even aware how much. It's crazy.

CBSI: Is there any news on an adaptation?

NS: We had an option with Warner Bros. but the rights reverted back to me. We are negotiating with someone else so we will see.

CBSI: Will issue #3 be on the same 4 year schedule?

NS: I think it will be done a bit earlier but I'm still working a full time job and working on Nonplayer from 4-6 am. Now there is some talk of me writing another image book and someone else illustrate which would allow me to do it full time.

CBSI: Thank you for your time!

NS: No problem, thank you.


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