Superman (1987) #221 – November 2005

Superman #221Hello my friends and Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

This week's cover looks at two villians who have had a recent resurgence into the mainstream comics and tv-land! This is Superman, the 1987 series, #221! The cover is by Ed Benes, and has Bizarro and Professor Zoom on it! It is a Villians United tie-in and IMHO is an awesome cover! Benes had a pretty good run with Superman, and this is just one of the examples!

By no means will this comic bankrupt you. You can find them everywhere, but between the Flash tv show, and Bizarro's new series people are starting to take notice of these villians once again. if you can find it in a $1 bin take a stab. The print run is slightly over 65k, so like I said, you will be able to find them.

Good luck fellas, and Happy Hunting!!!

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