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Now, let’s skip the sermon an’ get right down to watchu all came here for! This here’s an extra-sized edition, full ‘o good picks and yarns for y'all to chew on!

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2015 Valiant Preview

valiant-previewWith all things Divinity goin’ straight up in value, youd’a thunk a whole lotta folk would’ve picked up on the fact that this here book’s got what I understand ta be the first preview of the character. (You wanna tell me ah’m wrong, do so, please.) Now, I ain’t gettin’ into whether this constitutes a first app or a cameo or whatnot. No sir… but what with previews takin’ a life (and value) of their own (see Marvel Age books, fer instance) I will note that Divinity appears in this book, and the best part about it, it was FREE. That’s right, zero buckaroos. And with some asking around, I betcha you can turn up a couple o’ these books at an LCS. I suggest you make yur move quickly; some eagle-eyed folk already got to pickin’ em up and throwin’ em up on eBay for a bit more n’ free. You don’t wanna be shellin' out big bucks for your copy, do ya?

Eternals Vol. 1, #1-3

Eternals_Vol_1_1Annn’ jusss like that, the cat’s outta the bag. I wondered why these books didn’t pick up after the Guardians of The Galaxy film. Mebbe it was a slow burn. Whatever the case, these books’ got some heat now. You can still get a mid-grade copy o’ #1 for about $10, but nicer ones will go from $15-$40, with high graded copies toppin’ a bill. Now, most folks are robotically buyin’ #1s, with those hoarders buyin’ ‘em in stacks. Watch out for those dudes. There’s #2 and #3 to pick up too, which for now has slipped the myopic collectin’ views o’ these flippers. Good for you n’ bully for them! Pick up the trio for cheap while you still can. Between the Guardians n’ the yet to come Inhumans film you can bet we’re gon’ see a lot more o’ them in the future.

Bloodstone Vol. 1 #1 – 6

250px-ElsabloodstoneYa seen this book in a couple other spots already, so not much more to add to this other than the fact that Elsa Bloodstone’s first appearance has dried up online faster n’ a pool in the Sahara. Shoot I watched this book go from a dollar ta $20 in no time. That don’t mean you can’t pick it up still at your LCS. Go n’ get it folks. They are out there. If you end up payin’ more n’ ten clams for this book, I wonder whatcha readin’ this column for, big spendah?

Honorable mentions:

Wonder Woman (Vol. 1 # 601, Alex Garner variant)

Wonder_Woman_Vol_1_601_VariantDamn, we gonna do some kinda flashback here. Remember when I told y’all a while back that Alex Garner Wondy variants had kinda been neglected and a better appreciation was warranted? Welp, looks like couple o’ you folks took to that advice like a charm. Heck even Mercenaut picked up a Wonder Woman #614 variant, which frankly wasn’t the best o’ the bunch (But just like that, the Internet got cleared out o’ any copies at a decent price. Folks, you should really consider this – runnin’ with the herd means you’re more likely ta get trampled.) Yep, these buyers in their lack of independent thought might’ve missed out on the best Garner WW variant, which was his first: issue #601. It’s a cover that is quality, a real statement. Go on n’ look for it. To borrow from Trey, find it cheap if you can, I dare you; many of these Garner variants are still out there in the wild, waitin’ ta be picked like berries off a bush. ‘Cuz online, there’s just two copies of this issue that I could find, and you gotta shell a stack o’ somolians to claim either.

Punisher War Zone Vol. 3 #1 (first and second prints)

1243819These books should be on yer list o’ the Punisher books ya should be huntin’ for. A limited series that has The Avengers goin’ after Frank, with Spider-Man being particularly dickish about the 3243788-75whole thing. Ease up on the man, willya? Not like he wanted to be like that. Oh waitaminnit, what did I read again in Born? Anyhoo, get the first print or “punish” yourself by sufferin' the blisters of flippin’ through multiple bins for the HTF second print. BONUS(1): Punisher War Journal #75. Lynn Michaels is the Punisher! Hell yeah — a rockin’ cover by Mark Texiera, and a Skull-adorned bustier! They just made Wolvy a lady, so why skip out on a female version o’ the Punisher? Mebbe find it fast, as the prices for this book are largely lower double-digits; not much ta be found in books for cover, ‘cept for your trusty ‘ol LCS. And a note for the bean counters: It's not her first appearance. BONUS(2): See if you can rustle up Punisher Vol. 1 #100 (newsstand variant) which is pretty bad-ass too, and like most Punisher books, features a low print run. Couple o’ weeks back I spotlighted Punisher #102, a Bullseye book that is rare. If you want a challenge, try to nail down the last five issues of the run, which starts at #100. BONUS(3): With the Punisher comin’ to the small screen, make sure you also got the first appearance of his help, Microchip, who’s appeared on the big screen and even name-dropped in Agents of Shield. That would be Punisher Vol. 2 #4 for any o’ you wondering which issue to Google for… don’ worry, it’s still cheap even online – for now.

Flash Vol. 3 #8 Art Germ variant

The_Flash_The_Brightest_Day-8_Cover-2This here’s a great piece o’ work by Stanley Lau “Art Germ” that you can easily find for under $10. The scene depicted is kinetic and the colors are strong. The Flash and Reverse Flash facing head-to-head makes for one helluva image. I know most folks like Art Germ for his wimmin, and there ain’t nuthin wrong with that. He certainly paints some fine lookin’ gals. But every collection’s gotta have room for champion images, and with this cover Art Germ’s captured the struggle between these arch-nemeses perfectly. BONUS: Michael Turner’s Flash covers were amazing. I especially like #207 and #211. Pick them up for next to nothing for your PC and take a moment to admire the awesome artwork of a talent who left the world too soon. RIP!

Daredevil Vol. 1, #111 Variants

957297I found these cheap with much thanks to a friendly LCS owner who had copies and recommended I pick em up. Tells me these a rare books, all for the first app o’ Lady Bullseye. I took him on his word, and sure enough, they ain't cheap online! And yet – you can definitely find it cheap with the right sort o’ diggin. Now, I ain’t heard anythin’ bout her showin’ up on the big screen, but it stands to reason that with Marvel rollin out fem versions of their heroes, they’ll tap their Daredevil_Vol_2_111_Aja_Variantcounterparts too. A smart collector woulda picked up this book a couple o’ months back when you coulda got them first printin’s of her first app cheap. But the Dodson cover (see my earlier reference to Wondy) is pickin’ up steam. So look for that one and this one, and if you find either of ‘em, make sure you buy it cheap! BONUS: See if you can find the Cover C variant o’ this book cheap, as it’s a cover that recalls the best of the Asian bad girl / Shi-esque cover artwork from the 90’s. If they make this character more prominent, that is the book to have.

Birds of Prey Vol. 1 #59

Birds_of_Prey_Vol_1_59A cheap book with a great cover abreast with hot wimmin! Could I not have overloaded that pun any more? I admit it was a bit too top heavy … OK OK I know dem fem bloggers will be comin’ down on us like a bucket o’ slime at a Nickelodeon award ceremony. But, honestly, what the hell did they do to Wondy? Pants? In protest, I call up this here cover, which is a niiiice throwback to simpler times, when skintight latex, airtight vests and fishnet stockin’s were standard gear for any serious female crimefighter. Raise a glass fellas to the days when female supes didn’t have a problem fightin’ or posin’ in glorious bathin suits. I git the feelin' this is goin' keep happenin' to all the characters ya know. But ya can only hope they correct this farce sooner rather n’ later!

Batman Arkham Knight Vol. 1 #2

BAK-2-PrintCoverI'm lovin’ this book just for the awesome Harley Quinn cover by itself. And best of all, it’s super cheap and recent, so shouldn’t be too much o’ a problem to track one down. So pick it up if you ain’t got it already! BONUS: Wonder if ya knew Stephen Platt did a Batman cover? It’s not that easy ta come by, but if you find one ya won’t break the bank pickin’ it up. It’s likely gon’ be more n’ a couple o’ bucks, but it’s a cool cover ta have, especially if ya like the man’s work. Oh, you mean you have the Legends of the Dark Knight #1 1:25 variant already? Damn son, you one step ahed o’ poor little ol’ me. Well then you got nothin' ta worry about if I go ahead n' tell the rest o' the world about this book?

Wonder Woman Secret Files & Origins Vol. 1, #2 (1999)

Wonder_Woman_Secret_Files_and_Origins_2You know why I lyke this here book? It’s an Adam Hughes Wondy cover that ain’t from his WW run. It is a lower print run book (18K) an’ that makes it a little harder to find in excellent condition. It’s real nice looking. And best of all, it’s easily available for $5 or less. Also, it’s an interesting homage to a silver age Wondy book that’s been gainin’ a lot of heat when a nice copy’s come up for auction: Wonder Woman Vol. 1 # 108. In fact, if you like the Days of Future Past cover swipes, then you should be in the market for this Silver Age book, which I can’t hWonder_Woman_Vol_3_5elp but think it served as inspiration. And let's add another art appreciation BONUS: Next to Hughes and Garner, the artist IMHO who rendered WW excellently is Terry Dodson. He did a lot of great comic covers, but one that stands out is Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #5. It’s a simple cover that makes strong effect of a primary color. And it’s cheap! Like Garner’s Wondy variants, I think an appreciation is due for the yeoman effort by Dodson for his regular WW covers too. And why not while you're at it get the other books from his run? Interestingly, I'm noticing that the ask for the #1 and the variant are beginning ta' rise. Someone else catching on to what I'm talkin' 'bout there? Stay on your toes folks…

Uncle Sad Junk’s Crazy Bin Diggin’ Tales

Well, one thing’s for sure. If you spent a hunk o' cash on Harley Quinn, these stories gon’ have you cryin in your beer.

Beer plays a good part in the story of James Parker, a native of Palestine, Illinois.

You see, Parker was casting about for comics, so he tapped the power of social media. “I put a post up looking for collections and a guy messaged me, saying he had a Batman collection,” he explains.

Parker went over, and was told the terms: If he wanted the lot of seven long boxes, he had to take them all.

“He didn't seem to care, but I didn't know what I was getting,” Parker says. “I paid before I looked through the books. I like the mystery of buying a unknown collection.”

Not that this strategy always yields big scores. “I have been completely screwed before,” he says. “But I have also gotten 125 tpbs for $20, also 2,000 books including Walking Dead 27 and 1-6 issues of Saga for $100.”

So Parker agreed. After some negotiations, they worked out a final price. “Acquired for $200 and a case of Miller Lite,” he says.

He took his haul home, and started going through the books. Good finds, as one would expect in 7 longboxes of Batman. And then toward the end, paydirt:


Parker says he plans to grade the books. “I'm hoping for three 9.8 books,” he says. “If I get that, I'll keep one for me and one for my wife and hopefully trade the third for a FF #52, or a Hulk #181.”

Not to be outdone, of course, is Joseph Attianese.

A former comic store owner, the Brooklyn native always stops to look for books whenever he can. Even after a wedding. (Don’t try this at home.)

Attianese managed to score two major finds in a short span. Driving back from his nuptials, he and his new bride stopped at a tiny comic store in a tiny little town in Pennsylvania.

Tons of books were to be had for a quarter. He picked up books by the bushel, but it wasn’t until he asked for anything special did he move off the buffet to the main course, which he paid a bunch for, but still well under market rate on Ebay right now:

15 - 1

Then, simply the power of being nice, he says, helped him score this doozy of a haul not long after on another run:

15 - 1-2

Shoot folks, I think we just busted the house!

These Royal Flush finds just go ta show ya: You’ll find that treasure if ya keep diggin’! Let me know what you found: sadjunk1@gmail.com

So go out there and see what you can buy for a dollar!


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