MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – FURIOSA #1 (Blank) Variant



Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the sleeper hits so far this summer. The DC/Vertigo MAD MAX: FURY ROAD: NUX & IMMORTAN JOE #1 book that came out the same week as the movie was just as popular and saw prices hit $30 for raw copies. People are still chasing the book and prices haven't fallen off near like I thought they would in all honesty. This is still a hugely popular book.



Anyway, this Wed the second book, called MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – FURIOSA #1, came out. This book in itself sold out instantly at Diamond and all major online retailers. One thing people failed to realize was there was a blank variant released this week as well. ComicBookInvest/CBSI's very own Van Denby was the “first” to report earlier in the week about this book and it's possible short print run/rarity. Van is friends with the owner of one of, if not the, biggest stores on the West Coast. He was told this book was only available in the Diamond system for 1 day, and the print run is very likely under 1k. This is why Midtown, GrahamCrackers, TFAW and a majority of major online retailers didn't even offer this when it came out.



Furiosa is already a cosplay character that is making the rounds of comic conventions in the US.  This means the blank variants will dry up as people will want their favorite artists drawing their rendition of her. Not to mention this book is extremely rare if what is being said is accurate, which I easily believe at this point. Blank or not, this book will have legs. There have been copies sold for up to $25 on eBay already this week. Buy now if you can find them. $50 dollars for NM+ copies once word gets out is what I'm betting on. This is one of those books that the longer you sit on them, the more valuable they will become. #supplyanddemand


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