Dead Gwendis can never go home in DC superheroes costumes


Well, we are running a day late and after last week's mammoth 6 book spec we have come down with a bang, only 2 books this week. But one of them happens to be one of my favourite series at the moment, so it's all good.

1. We Can Never go Home #3

This book has been selling like hot cakes, and it's all down to a bit of ‘copyright' infrigement.With our plucky heroes on the run Madison needs to get an outfit change, cue her trying on various superhero costumes (see pictures).

First reported by Bleeding cool, but brought to my attention by the one and only Jimmy Linguini (who also provided link for Black Mask website to buy them from which then sold out in no time at all).

With this probably having an incredibly low print run, copies were thin on the ground in the wild.

Price quickly shot up to £10 ($15), then £15 ($22.50) and now seems to have settled around £20 ($30).

If you haven't read this series I can HIGHLY recommend you do

We Can Never Go Home 003-000We Can Never Go Home 003-011We Can Never Go Home 003-012

2. Ultimate End #2 Zdarsky Brian Michael Gwendis Variant

Whilst Ultimate End has not been one of the better Secret Wars books (still good read though, just has some amazing competition with the stellar Secret Wars tie-ins from Marvel), this cover is certainly one of the funniest and a cover only Chip Zdarsky could come up with.A swipe of the last page of Amazing Spider Man #121 (see picture) parodying the fact that the Ultimate Universe has always been Bendis' pet project and vision.

Not huge money on this book, sales of 2 to 3x cover, also probably not one that will be remembered in the history of great covers, but a good flip none the less.



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