Alias: Jessica Jones Netflix – What we know so far

In this spotlight, we feature Alias and the news that are out there about the Jessica Jones Netflix series featuring the cast and how it translates to comic books. We’ll start with the obvious and make our way down the list all the way to non-confirmed speculation.

Alias #1

Alias #1

1st Jessica Jones

The main character’s first appearance is Alias #1. I compare this to Superman Adventures #5 and Preacher #13 because around the same time, oh, about 1 year ago, these books could all be found online for under $5. Fast forward to today, where that certainly is no longer the case. As we draw closer to the show’s air date, Alias #1 copies are beginning to reach a steady $50 sales point. Everyone who has been stockpiling these expects this to be only the beginning of the Alias #1 demand craze.

Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1

Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1

1st Luke Cage

Cage is set to appear in this series before he stars in his own show. Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1, the first appearance of Luke Cage, is still a vastly undervalued book, especially when you consider that dark spine that loves to mercilessly show every speck of dust and lightest sign of wear. Stack up on these now while you still can!

Daredevil #4


1st Purple Man

Purple Man, whose real name is Dr. Zebediah Killgrave, enemy of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, first appeared in the original Daredevil Series from 1964 in Issue #4. Copies can be found relatively cheap, especially if you can settle for a lower grade copy.

Avengers #144


1st Hellcat

Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat, is Jessica Jones BFF. While Patsy Walker’s first appearance is a comic from the 1940’s within a Miss America Magazine, Hellcat’s first appearance is in a much more obtainable Avengers #144, a $1 bin book that went from not, to hot, in 6 seconds flat once news of her to appear on the show broke. Finding these under $10 is a good deal. That will become more impossible as we get closer to the show airing.

The following characters were announced for the series, but do not appear to have ties to the comics. These characters were created solely for the series, having no appearances, with those names at least, in the comics.

Harper – An authoritative person and potential powerful ally to Jones.

Malcolm – Jessica Jones’ neighbor who has his our private practice but related to personal injury.

Hope – One of Jessica Jones’ clients

Time will tell if these characters are not, in fact, pre-established characters from the comics, but that’s the word to date.

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