German Spider-Man 30 Variant

Spider-Man 529 / German Variant 30

Artist:Gabriele Dell’Otto

Print Run: 777

Panini Comics/Marvel Deutschland


This comic reprints Sensational Spider-Man 25 and 26 in German language. To me, this comic with Civil War 3 (Turner Variant) are the best 2 covers showing Spider-man in his Iron Spider suit.

If it sounds familiar, it's because one month before the release of this comic, Marvel USA released the sketch cover of this one on Civil War Amazing Spider-man Decisions 1 (that collects Amazing Spider-Man 529 to 532):

Civil War Amazing-Spiderman Decisions

If we finally see the Iron Spider Armor in the Captain America Civil War movie, this comic could be a big time winner. Limited to only 777 copies, if you look for one be ready to pay around 50$ shipping included.

See you next week for more delicious Foreign Delicacies!!!


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