Bye bye Convergence, Hello renewed speculation


Ding dong Convergence is gone & all of a sudden got lot of books to write about!


1. Renew Your Vows #1 1:50 Campbell Variant

This was always going to do well, a classic J Scott Campbell Spidey cover.Currently selling for £60 to £70 ($90 to $105) and unlike a lot of recent ‘big' variant can see this one staying at that price.Also was a good read, not one of the better Secret Wars tie-in's in my opinion, but still good.

There have been some fantastic tie-ins for secret wars, usually tie-ins are throw away stories that have no impact to continuity but with Secret Wars to me it pretty much seems like Marvel can do no wrong.


2. Groot #1 Future Imperfect #1 Gwen Variants

I was not surprised to see out of this weeks Spider Gwen variants that these two were selling for 2 to 3x cover.With some serious talent on the variants, Guiseppe Camuncoli on the Gwoot variant and Nick Bradshaw on the Ingwedible Hulk Variant.Pretty sure we will see the Gwenom & Gweadpool variants grace this page in the coming weeks. gwootfi

3. Star Wars #6 R2D2 Action Figure Variant

The juggernauts that is the John Tyler Christopher Star Wars Action Figure variants keeps going on. I was ready to ignore this one as apart from Issue 1, 2 & Boba Fett, none of the other covers had seen much rise above cover, but Chris Bowers of CBSI was adamant that this one would be one to watch. Well I am glad I listened him as these have now sold for 3 to 4x cover and the cheapest now on ebay is £12.95 ($20).This will never be the beast of a seller that Han Solo is but is up there with Luke and Darth. sw6

4. Justice League #41 standard cover

All I have to say about this book is……………………………… IF YOU LOVE COMICS AND LIKE DC YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO READ THIS BOOK.This book was excellent, extremely well written, beautiful art and draw dropping action scenes. It's books like this that make me realise why I love comics so much. Currently selling for 3x cover, I can see this going up as more issues of the Darkseid war come out and people realise just how good this book is. jl41

5. Midnighter #1

I think this is a book I need to reread, it was late, I was drunk and I just couldn't get it into but felt that this was a book that needed going back to. I did like the pacing and the art and think this series could do well.These are selling for 3x cover at the moment and can see it settling around the £10 ($15) mark. m1


6. GI Joe #214 Subscription Variant

Was no surprise to anyone that this was going to be good spec. We all knew Snake Eyes was going to die, its wasn't like Turtles 44 when it took everyone by surprise, but still this book sold out and they even released a 2nd print the same day as 1st print.This cover was the most iconic and even in UK where GI Joe has little to no following this selling for 3x cover gj214


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