Two Rare and Unknown Adam Hughes Covers




I have a love for Adam Hughes covers. I personally think Supergirl and the LEGION of Super-Heroes #23 is the greatest cover ever done. I have spent a lot of money on Hughes covers and so has everyone else if you check recent prices on eBay. His style has evolved, and I like some of the changes he has done, and some I haven't. Convergence #0 and A-Force #1 are classic Hughes. Not a fan of his Harley Quinn #1 or Spider-Gwen #1 covers.

Anyways, a lot of people are trying to go and find obscure covers from Hughes, and I know of two you might not which I will unveil a little further down in the article. Most people are aware of the Dark Horse Star Wars covers, the Tomb Raider covers and the hard to find Lady Rawhide covers as well. The Star Wars covers are way more rare than people realize, especially the Black and White/Sketch covers. Still the champion of Hughes rareness is the Wonder Woman #600 1:100 sketch he did. Find one, I dare you.

I am a sucker for Wizard magazine as you can tell by the Top 10. I miss the magazine, its articles, its format and its price guide. I felt it had a better handle on active prices than Overstreet ever did or has since. Back to the point at hand, Wizard did an excellent job of having up and coming artists draw their covers. Adam Hughes did two that stood out to me.

First is Wizard Magazine #83. It has Supergirl, Rogue, Wonder Woman, Witchblade, Susan Richards, Catwoman, Gen 13 girl lol, and Scarlet Witch. It's classic Hughes. I hate the rendering of Wonder Woman, but he drew her better than anyone ever so I can't complain.

The next is Wizard Magazine #129. This is a great cover, it has Jean Grey and Emma Frost on the cover and they both look great. He killed Emma Frost with his rendering.

These books aren't easy to find, there are some on eBay and Amazon still and aren't too expensive if you can find them. I'm weird and won't buy one that's not still in its poly-bag though, which is even harder to find unfortunately for me. Regardless check these out if you already haven't.



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