HOT 5 VINTAGE 6/8/2015


                            Marvel Super Heroes #13

1 Marvel Super Heroes #13

1st Appearance Carol Danvers
Rumors of who will be cast as Ms Marvel has this book back in the spotlight.  While this book has been hot for months now its getting some more attention, at least for this week.
 Strange Tales #126

2 Strange Tales #126

1st Appearance Dormammu & Clea

This one surprised me honestly.  Dr Strange casting news sent folks out scrambling to secure a copy of this used to be common book.  While people were already looking for this before, the closer the movie gets, the more expensive this comic gets.

                Green Lantern #87

3 Green Lantern #87

1st Appearance John Stewart

Really starting to get some heat when brought to online auctions.  Rumors or not, this book is gaining steam, if you had plans to grab yourself an affordable copy of this, time is running out.


Thanks to Jon Z over on the G+ CBSI page for pointing this one out.

 Avengers #80

4 Avengers #80

1st Appearance Red Wolf

With confirmation that Red Wolf will be in the “All New, All Different” Marvel Now lineup, this book has all but dried up from Ebay.

 New Mutants #87

5 New Mutants #87

1st Appearance Cable

Theories, rumors, doesn't matter, this book is getting hot.  Experiencing a nice price bump as a lot of other Copper Age Key Issues have in the last year, Cable seems to finally be getting his due.  Any confirmation or casting news should send this book even higher.

                      MS MARVEL #1


1st Appearance Ms Marvel
With casting for the Ms Marvel movie getting closer this is certainly a book to keep an eye on.  Although it shot up in price when Marvel announced the lineup of movies coming out post Guardians, there is still plenty of room left for this to grow.

Strange Tales #169


1st Appearance Brother Voodoo
Lot of rumors suggesting we will see BV in the upcoming Dr Strange movie have this book preforming like an actual tier 2 Bronze Age Key in the last couple of months.  The next week or so might be your last chance to grab this early Bronze book at a reasonable price.

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